Monday, April 8, 2013

our easter.

We had a nice, quiet Easter, just the three of us, at home. Normally, we travel to visit our families, but decided against it this year...I am just far too giant + uncomfortable to feel like being stuck in the car for four hours. No, thank you. That being said, when Easter day finally came, I was a little bummed that we weren't back home to see our families. We made the most of our day, though!

1. She is obsessed with these bunny ears. My parents sent them in the mail for her and she loves wearing them. And taking them off. And having you put them back on again. Really, guys, it's such a fun game.

2. For breakfast, Tatum and I shared a waffle with fruit, honey, and whipped cream, that I fashioned into a bunny to get a little festive. She basically didn't care and only wanted the fruit. Sigh, one year olds! Am I right, guys?
Josh is boring and didn't want a bunny waffle. (Good thing, considering this was a totally last minute idea and I only had enough for me and Tatum! Phew. Dodged that bullet...)

3. The only thing that Tatum really, really cared about from her Easter basket was the Dora coloring book + crayons. "Duh-da!" She also got a stuffed bunny (family tradition), but I forgot to put it in the basket, so she came later.

4. A few days before Easter, we were at the mall and ran across this ol' guy. Tatum went nuts as soon as he was in sight, wriggled out of Josh's arms, and ran to the bunny.** She hopped onto his lap and was just allll about him. I was super surprised and basically freaking out over how cute + awesome she was being. (Typical mom.) So, we obviously had to have her picture taken. How could we say no?

I hope you all had a great holiday, as well!

**This all went down within a few feet of us. She was perfectly safe and not causing any trouble. While going to retrieve her, the people running the booth told us not to worry about it, because they had zero customers/mall was totally dead. : )


  1. The bunny waffle is adorable, and so is Tatum's reaction to seeing the Easter bunny. That's awesome.

  2. I love those waffles hehe so cute

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