Thursday, April 11, 2013

we're park people.

Yes, another park post. Because apparently that's just who we are now...Park people. I'm feeling pretty good about it.

+ When we got to the park, there were a bunch of kids (AKA people who are my age, I just feel old) sitting out on a blanket and Tatum started heading their direction on the way to the play equipment. So I was leading her away and they were all like, "Aw, she's so cute!" All that good ego-boosting stuff. And Tatum just turned around and nodded her head. Apparently, she doesn't need the boost. But thanks, guys!

+ She thinks other people running is really funny. So, if you're at all insecure, basically what I'm saying is: Stay away from my baby.

+ The changes that happen in just a year are so crazy to me. This time last year, Tatum could simply drag herself along the floor a bit. Now, she is running, jumping, hopping, climbing playground equipment and going down slides. I know you're probably like, "Well, duh." But it's still totally unreal to me.

+ PSA: Watch out for those big metal slides. Those suckers are slick and fast...Just ask Tatum.

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  1. Tatum is so cute and I love your new blonde hair!!! Have a great week!


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