Wednesday, June 27, 2012

goody! two (pairs of) shoes.

I found these two pairs of shoes a few weeks ago when I went thrifting. Initially I just picked them up to put in my shop, but when I got home I decided to try them on, and they fit! So they are keepers.

I usually have a hard time finding cute shoes at thrift/vintage stores.
They are all either: too big / too small / too ugly.
So I was pretty excited about these little guys. : )


  1. LOVE the 3 dollar pair! too cute lydia!!

  2. I especially love that second pair. Very good finds. Having larger feet I never have too much luck with thrifted shoes, but I feel like it makes the good finds that much better, like a real treasure.

  3. Cute! I'm jealous. I NEVER find thrift shoes.

    1. except for those loeffler randalls! lucky lady.


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