Tuesday, June 26, 2012

birthday hangs.

Last Saturday my youngest little sister, Chloe, turned seven years old. Seven! (This really does make me feel kind of old.)

So, yesterday I decided I would take her out for a birthday lunch. I told her we could go anywhere. And guess what? All the kid wanted was a cheeseburger and some french fries.

My kinda gal.

We ate.
We talked.
She played in the play-plex.
She made a new friend. (How the heck do kids do that?)
We sang Ingrid Michaelson together on the car ride home.

I had the best time with her, and I'm pretty sure we need to have another lunch date real soon.

Chloe is honestly the coolest little kid I know. I'm so excited that Tatum gets to have her as not only an aunt, but a friend. I know T will learn so much neat stuff, and have so much fun, with her Aunt Chlo. I can't wait to witness all of the adventures they will share. <3

Happy Birthday, Chloe Beth! And thanks for being so wonderful. I love you!


  1. chloe looks so much like you! :) i dread the time when a burger and fries won't make gage's day.

    1. Thanks! We get that a lot. Haha. : )

  2. I agree with deanna, she does look so much like you! Happy birthday to your little sis! And now I want Burger King :D

  3. She is SO cute! My brothers turn 6 next week and I cant believe they are that old already, its nuts


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