Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Christmas Photo.

Every year at our Christmas morning get together my family takes a Christmas family photo. It tends to take about a million years, since there are so many kids (okay, three.) involved, and it can get super frustrating to be perfectly honest. This year we had a little incident with the camera, though, and it was actually pretty funny.

{This was actually a pretty good start for us, but then it turned out the camera was on "Continuous."}

 {I love how confused my mom looks + that my dad did not get the memo to get dressed.}

{And here I like how happy my mom looks and that it seems like my Grandma is being sassy.

{Uncle's girlfriend and I are looking suuuper great. At least she was trying to be funny...

{Please love the next few photos where my mom and littlest siblings basically go crazy.

{Mostly my mom.

 {My brother (orange) is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Also, I love this picture of my Mom.}

 {Pretty good...Except for Ol' Crazy Eyes (Tori, far left) and Frown Town (Josh).}
{The final product.}


  1. You truly would not believe our behavior upon reading we go: Dad laughing hysterically down the hall and me shushing him so he doesn't wake the kids (what the heck is his deal, be quiet already! WHAT is THAT funny?)Dad: "You have GOT to read Lydia's blog NOW!" Let me just say, I had to pause after the third picture to regain my composure, dry my face, and let my head stop hurting from laughing so hard! Your dad was IN the floor, and I was falling over clenching my stomach and head from laughter pains....It was the greatest start of a day EVER!!! Thank you for posting this, you seriously are the best blogger EVER!

  2. Haha. Thanks, Mom + Dad! : ) Love you guys!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! This made my day, literally :)

  4. hahaha! I love this. Family pictures are SO hard, ecpecially with little ones. The outtakes are always my fave. haha

  5. I couldn't help noticing your grandpa's expression is the same in nearly very picture! Love it!


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