Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tatum Auden: 3 Weeks.

Time is flyyyying. Part of me gets excited for her getting bigger + another part gets all sorts of heartbroken. Sometimes I just feel like, can't she just stay this tiny forever? But then, I think, "No. No, she can't. Because a walking, talking, basically bald, 2 foot tall person would just be terrifying." Seriously. Just try to really envision that for a second.

Right now, this little lady has a really bad cold, which I'm pretty sure she caught from me. I feel so bad about it, but Josh just reminds me that it was probably inevitable, since I'm always all up in her grill. It's super tough watching her struggle with the sickness, but hopefully we're getting towards the end of it. I honestly don't know what I'd do without Josh. He's in charge of the nose drops + snot sucking. (I'm too scared of it!) He's the best dad ever. I'm so proud of him. Watching him with Tatum just makes me love him more + more each and every day.

Even though she was sick, Tatum was happy to oblige + participate in her 3 week photos. (Which were actually taken on Monday, but whatever.) And despite her cold--she still looked cute as ever. Duh.

How cute is her sweater? It's my favorite item of the clothing she currently owns. (It's from 77kids, for those curious!) It's still a little (super) big on her, but I just really wanted to see her in it.

{Sometimes she looks a lot like me + it's funny!}

Giant sweaters + furry rug photo shoots...This baby tolerates me so well.


{"Oh, this isn't a giant tissue?"}


  1. aw poor baby is sick?! that sucks! i'm actually really impressed with how cool you are about everything. when wyatt was a newborn i'd probably have a heart attack and die if he had a cold! i was all sorts of neurotic.

  2. jess- thanks, dude! i'm trying to remain calm about it. i do have occasional bouts of crazy tho!

  3. ellie had a cold at about 3 weeks, too. it was the saddest thing ever. but, people kept reminding me it's not a bad thing (as long as it doesn't get out of control) because it helps build their immune system up. we did steamy showers, nasal spray, baby vaseline on her feet and then put socks on, and ran the humidifier. i'm sure you already know these things, but i had to ask advice from others and these are what worked for us! it took a little while, but she eventually got over it.

    love that sweater and love her face in so many of them. she's a precious one.

  4. lesley- that's a good point about the immune system! a small silver lining. : ) we've been doing steamy showers, saline drops + breast milk drops, the humidifier, infants' tylenol, and we're planning on going out to get some baby vaporub today. i forgot about the feet trick! thanks for the reminder. : ) thanks for the sweet compliments, too! : )

  5. That sweater is killing me with cuteness!

    I hope she feels better soon. I can't stand to watch my dog sick, so I can only imagine how terrible it is to watch a real live baby feel yucky. :(

  6. Lydia, you are killing me! I am sitting her laughing my pants are the funniest writer, ever! And...the last shot made me laugh even more! She is super adorable, and I just hate that she's got a cold, but I guess it is just a part of life! Love you!

  7. i totally meant vapor rub, not vaseline! ha.

  8. Carly- It is super tough! But she's being a total trooper.

    Mom- haha, thanks! : )

    Lelsey- I knew what you meant! : )

  9. I love the name Tatum. I'm sure you know this, but I think in Korean? it means "cheerful"


  10. Her sweater is SOOO cute. You have impeccable taste : )

  11. Poor sick baby - hope she is feeling better soon! I've been eyeing that sweater for awhile now - it's absolutely adorable on Tatum :)

  12. Oy what a cute kid. I'm pretty much in love with this outfit. When my girl was little, I was obsessed with trying new outfits on and dressing her for all her super important social engagements. Seriously. That kid never wore a sleeper.
    Hope she feels better soon...and keep up the fab styling, mama.
    (stopping by from Small Style)

  13. Kaysie- thank you! yeah, one of the reasons i liked it so much was that when trying to pick names, i learned that it means "cheerful bringer of joy." so sweet!

    Leah- thanks, BFFL. : )

    Tysie- thank you! you should so get it!

    Erica- that is so awesome! haha. tatum wears her fair share of sleepers, but pretty much only at home. ; ) haha. thanks, girl!

  14. oh. LYDIA. she is beautiful!!! ahh. i came over here to see how you were doing and here she is! time IS flying by. i can't believe it! congratulations. i bet you & josh are having a lot of memorable adventures...such an exciting time! all lovely three of you will be in my prayers! eek! and just in time for christmas!! xoxo

  15. Poor baby. I hope she's well. Also, that tiny-but-big-on-her-sweater is way too cute.


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