Monday, December 5, 2011

take care.

Something that is really important to me as a mom, as a person, is to stay true to myself + continue to take care of myself. At times, that is easier said than done. At other times, I just want to slum around. But when I DO feel like taking the time to look nice, I thankfully have a really great husband who helps me out so I can do just that.

{i finally got to wear these heels that i bought like, two months ago!}
//sweater: F21// shirt: F21// jeans: target// shoes: target//

Getting dressed and ready for the day, or even just for a quick outing, always makes me feel better. It makes me feel good about myself, which in turn makes for a good mood and a good day!


  1. ummm...lydia. you are gorgeous, no matter what. seriously. you are so friggen cute.

    and anyway, i don't think you have to worry about not taking care of yourself. you JUST had a baby. now cut yourself some slack! :)

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  3. That is the BEST feeling when your shoes fit again after baby!! Yay!!

  4. You look amazing! I can't believe you had a baby just two weeks ago. What a beautiful little mommy you are! :)

  5. deanna- i know! haha. i still have my slummin' days tho, believe me! i embrace them, ha. : ) thanks for all the sweet words, though! : )

    jessi- yes, it's great! : )

    heidi- thank you! that is so nice of you! : )

  6. WOW! You really look fabulous!


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