Friday, December 2, 2011

Tatum: 2 Weeks.

Hard to believe, but I've been a mom for two whole weeks now! (Two weeks, two days to be technical.) It has been amazing. Like, the absolute best ever. We were blessed with basically the easiest baby in the world. We know that that has the potential to change, of course, but we are so thankful that these first few weeks of being parents have been such a breeze. Don't get me wrong, it has definitely been an adjustment, but all of the changes are beyond worth it.

We love her so much! Obviously. Sometimes I just have quiet, mini-freakouts when I look at her. Seriously. Like, I'll look at her, and be all, "Oh my gosh. Holy crap! Holy crap! She's so freaking great!" I just can't help it. This happens multiple times a day. 
Josh gives her kisses all the time, which totally kills me, because he doesn't really seem like the kissy type.  But he totally is, you guys! It's adorable.

We are loving being parents! Especially to this little lady. It's fun, wonderful, happy, funny, and just all around amazing. 

* Thank you so much to all of you who have left sweet comments regarding the new babe! You have all been so wonderful and encouraging. We really love and appreciate you all! XO.


  1. Oh my gosh, she is just so beautiful.

  2. she is gorgous. seems to me like you are getting it right.

  3. That feeling doesn't stop. My baby is three months now and she is just amazing! I still can't quit staring at her. Happy New Mom! :)

  4. That is the sweetest little face! I love her tons!!! She has so many expressions of yours!

  5. Look at those eyes! You're so beautiful Tatum <3

  6. What beautiful eyes. Glad you have a "good" baby, as least for now! x

  7. that blanket and pillow are amazing. am i forgetting something? OHYEAHTHEBABY! she's too cute. those lil baby forehead wrinkles? AHHH!!!!

  8. Becca- thank you!!!

    Nessa- why, thank you! so sweet.

    Anon- aw. it's wonderful! : )

    Mom- she loves her grandma!

    Jordan- she said thank you! or at least, she would if she could talk and all. : ) haha.

    Lauren- thank you! i'm glad, too. it makes it that much more lovely!

    Larissa- haha, thanks, girl! and her forehead wrinkles? they crack me up. they are so high up on her head. it's ridic!

  9. Accidentally found you through Everett haha. Your baby is so precious, as is your blog. I love the way all your pictures look

  10. Rachel- XO!

    Kaysie- Love me some EE! Thanks, lady! : )

  11. Awe, she is so sweet. Congrats!

  12. Aww, these pictures are great! She's so beautiful. I'm glad you're lovig being a mom! <3 I'm looking forward to that one day, and this makes me really excited!


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