Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tatum Auden: One Month.

Little late on this, but Tatum is now one month old. (Actually: one month, four days.) I am loving every minute of this mom business. Even those moments that I don't love so much in the moment...I love them later. Because I know how much I'll miss them someday. I know that sounds super sappy and ridiculous, but it's true, so I don't really care. She's the best.

She's getting so big. I see it mostly in the size of her head. Sad, but true. Sometimes I just look at that big ol' head and want to cry, because she's groooowing. (She doesn't actually have a big head. Just...bigger than it used to be. And I like to tease her about it.)

She's also dealing with a pretty bad bout of baby acne right now. (HAHA. Pimplefaced!) Seriously, though. She's super pimply.

She's getting more "aware" now. And smiley! She had her first "real" smiles yesterday. Josh was the recipient of both. (I may have cried a little.) It was nice to see how happy it made him, though. Seriously, so sweet. And she has smiled at me a couple of times today now, too. So we're even! : )

Seriously? Holy cow, guys. I can't even tell you how much I love this baby. I mean...look at that ^ face. I DIE. For real.

Speaking of that face, though. Josh and I always talk about her forehead wrinkles. Because, let's face it, they are hilarious. I mean, why are they so high on her head? And she ALWAYS has them. It's great.

Siiiigh. In love!

Anecdote: Tatum fell asleep in her Santa outfit earlier, and Josh carried her in the room and told me, "Looks like Santa's going to be a little too sleepy to deliver the presents this year!" Oh, Josh. You're hilarious. : )


{What? Don't you let your babies eat candy canes?

{Double fistin'.}


  1. AWESOME blog, as always! So nice to see that sweet little face! I love her forehead wrinkles, too! They are just amazing!

  2. Ok, I cannot get over her cuteness! She is so precious - congrats, mama!

  3. Awww. What a sweetie. Looks like Tatum's doing great. How's mama feeling?


  4. Oh my. My heart is melting - she is such a dream!

  5. What an absolute cutie!!!
    Love the holiday photos!

  6. Mom- haha, thanks! : )

    Meghan- i can't either! but...i guess i'm biased. haha. : ) thanks, girl!

    Heidi- yes, she is! i am doing pretty great myself. thank you for asking. : )

    Jordan- thank you! : )

    Tori- thanks so much! : )

  7. She is just too cute for words!!!! Love that Santa outfit!

  8. Margaux had baby acne too! Luckily it didn't last too long...Tatum is adorbs!

  9. She is absolutely darling. I especially love those forehead wrinkles...

  10. those wrinkles are the best! i didn't know babies could get pimples! are they like real pimples? or are they some special kind of baby pimple? do you pop them? i would be so tempted to pop them. bahaha THATS why i don't have kids yet.

  11. She's just so adorable! :) Avery is getting some infant acne too. BOOOO! AND I am pretty postive that Dave will be the recipient of her first ever smile as well. ha. They do grow fast!

  12. Oh my she is just too cute! Baby's first christmas is such a fun experience!
    Just found your blog and I am excited to start following!


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