Friday, September 9, 2011

What I Wore: On Pregnancy Style.

cardigan: Goody's
shirt: Wal-Mart
jeans (maternity): JCPenney
necklace: Forever 21
shoes: Kimchi Blue, UO

Up until about two weeks ago, I'd been feeling super-duper frumpy. Like, beyond. I seriously never felt even remotely cute and was basically just wearing jeans + old t-shirts of Josh's. I started to notice that I was feeling really down on myself + feeling like I'd lost my style since becoming pregnant. Let's face it--most maternity clothing just isn't cute. And even if some of it is, it's typically over-priced. Especially for something that I'm only going to wear for a few months. (No, thank you.)

So, this one day a couple of weeks ago, I saw this really pretty cardigan at Urban Outfitters. I totally loved it, so even though it wasn't a "maternity" shirt I decided to buy it. And after I bought it, I guess I sort of had this "Duh" kind of a moment. I don't HAVE to buy maternity clothes (except jeans). I don't HAVE to wear only big t-shirts of my husband's. I can buy cute clothes + I will. Clothes that I will even be able to wear when I'm not pregnant and have lost weight. I know that sounds so obvious, and it is. But I guess I was just totally oblivious to this up until now. And I actually think that A LOT of other pregnant women are, too.

So, yeah, just because you are a mom...doesn't mean you have to dress "mommish." And when I say "mommish" I'm not trying to be insulting or rude, but I'm just trying to don't have to give up YOUR style. : )


I wore this outfit last night for a little date night with Josh. We went to Waffle House (fancy). Then, we were going to go to the movies, but the website gave the wrong showtime. So we showed up 40 mins. late and the theater was "closed." So all of these people were staring at us like we were totally weird. Awkward...
We decided to finally watch a movie we "redboxed" a few days ago, instead. "Just Go With It." It was pretty cute. Predictable, but cute. : )


  1. I watched "Just go with it" the other night! Nicole Kidman's lips scare me...
    You can't beat a bit of Adam Sandler though. x

  2. you look so cute! you're completely right about not having to buy maternity clothes. they are a complete waste of money! i actually enjoyed being able to look in my closet and get creative with the stuff i already had.

  3. i don't think i bought a single maternity piece of clothing other than a few long tank tops with both my pregnancies!

    i'm all about urban & forever 21 :) just buy bigger!

  4. Lauren- they do look a little funny! she's still looking pretty good in general, though. haha.

    Deanna- thank you! you're so right, too. it's been really fun trying to create new outfits from my old stuff!

    Rachel- so true! i love still being able to buy fun styles.

    Liz- thank you! : )

  5. You look beautiful, and yes, I wear several things that aren't "maternity" You look gorgeous though. Glad you are feeling stylish and pretty! It's important when you are pregnant!

  6. amy- thank you! i agree, it is super important.


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