Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just perfect.

Some of you may remember: in the beginning I thought we were having a boy. Josh did, too. (Well, he says he didn't really, but I don't believe him.) I didn't necessarily have a preference or any strong hope that the baby was a was just a feeling. But the closer we came to the day we would find out for sure, I began to doubt myself. I no longer had boy feelings. I had "I have no opinion" feelings. (Which looking back, I think were more like, "It's totally a girl" feelings.)

I can't imagine, at all, if she were a boy. It feels so strange that I felt so strongly at one point that she was a boy + that before getting pregnant I always pictured myself with a son. (I do still want a son! Very much so.) I know that if we were having a boy right now--I would feel the same way, but this just totally right. It feels so perfect + I love that God planned this little daughter for us. I cannot wait to see her, meet her, get to know her.


  1. This is the first month that the Mister and I will TTC, and I am so hoping for a little girl when we get pregnant. In fact, I am hoping so much that I think I might jinx it or something...Ha.

  2. Carly- Aw, yay! Good luck! That is so exciting. : ) Well, I hope your wishes come true. But even if it should end up being a boy, I'm sure you'll feel just as great! Probably a lot like I do. : )

  3. I can completely identify. With my first... Lindsey, I really wanted a boy... then as the pregnancy progressed, I was so attatched to the thought of having a girl, that it would have been a sad thing for her to come out a he. Little girls are so much fun to dress and are so precious. However, my little man is so charming... he has me wrapped around his finger... MOST OF THE TIME. So happy for you! You are going to love being a momma so much!


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