Friday, August 5, 2011

Who will she look like?

I am constantly wondering who Tatum will look like. I wonder if she'll be a giant mixture of the two of us, or if she'll practically be a twin to one of us.
So, for fun, I decided to share some baby pictures of me and Josh. Since we were both pretty dang cute babies, I like to think that we can at least be sure that Tatum will be, too.

{baby me}

{baby Josh}

{possibly the cutest i have ever looked...}

{josh's face in this picture reminds me of THIS}

My only predictions of her looks are that she will have blonde hair + dimples. I cannot decided what color eyes I think she will have. Mine are brown, his are green. But my eyes also have a lot of green + yellow in them. So. I have no opinion. Although, I would really love for her to have his eyes + lashes. 
I just can't wait to see her!

p.s. I'm totally behind on my weekly updates, but I lost my camera cord. So, hopefully I find it, or get a new one soon. : )


  1. I want to know what my son will look like too!!! Ugh. Its torture. I think he'll have my dark hair and a ghetto booty. AND you were/still are a cutie. Love the baby pictures.

  2. you'll know before too long! can't wait for your boy to be here. : ) "ghetto booty." hahah.
    thank you! you're so sweet. : )

  3. I think this is a classic pregnancy thought can turn pretty obsessive for some women... not obsessive about the who, as the what will she look like period!!? It's so exciting! The moment you see her, all thoughts go out the window, and OF COURSE that's what she looks like, it's perfectly her.
    Gianna looks so much like her father, I hear it everyday. Often people will precede their statement with, "I'm sorry," or "I know you probably hate this, but..." I don't mind it though. I think he's the bees knees and consequently find her the most adorable baby in the world!
    Cute old school photos.

  4. Brown eyes are a dominant gene- if one parent has brown eyes then the baby will probably have them :)

  5. Lauren-- I know! But since my eyes aren't strictly brown, and not a deep brown, I've wondered if there may be room for some green in there. : )

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  7. I have a theory that first borns tend to look more like the dad. It's the case with most EVERY person I have come into contatct with. I say most, because I have run across one or two 1st borns who look more like the mom, but usually take more after the dad. My daughter looks so much like her daddy and is going to be tall just like him too. Cute pics though! I like looking at people's baby pictures. :)


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