Friday, August 12, 2011

27 Weeks + Life Update.

{This is my lame, lazy attempt at a belly photo. Oh, well. Still kind of cute.}

Josh and I are officially moved into our new apartment in Springfield. It was kind of impossible to find a place to live in Poplar Bluff, plus we're not the biggest fans of the town. Moving back to Springfield was just a better option for us for a multitude of reasons. I have no pictures of our place, because...well, there's pretty much nothing IN our apartment. It's pretty bare and sad looking so far. Hopefully that'll change soon.

We're having a friend live with us until October 1st. That has its ups + downs...

UP: Save money. $$$
DOWN: No nursery decorating. : (

Not being able to prepare Tatum's room yet kind of bugs me at times, but I guess I'm mostly okay with it. I'm still super ready + excited to start, though!


I had my first appointment with my new doctor yesterday. (The lovely Lesley recommended him to me. She recently had her baby girl! Go see how cute she is.) So far I like him just fine + am happy with the choice. It was pretty much just a catch-up + information appointment. The nurse did check to see if I'm dilated at all, though. That was SUPER fun. (I'm not. Just, FYI.) And the doctor measured my belly height. He said I'm measuring pretty far ahead, but thinks it is just because baby girl is sitting so high. I have an ultrasound next week to check things out. Also, the gestational diabetes test. 

So, we're at the fun stage where I can feel actual body parts sticking out + touch them and stuff. It's my favorite! Josh thinks it's really creepy and gross, though. He said he'll just wait to feel her when she's outside of me. He was also concerned that I'm "not allowed" to be touching/rubbing my stomach when it happens. So cute. Oh, a little sappiness for you: The other night when one of these episodes was happening, I definitely started crying, because it was so crazy to me that she's like, an inch away from me. And I can just feel her. She's so close, but so far away. It's kind of unreal to me!

I can't wait to meet her!


  1. Hey Lyds,

    Thanks for the comment love over on my blog tooclosetotwenty. I love the pictures you post and reading about the baby :)That's so cool that you can feel her kicking and everything. Best Wishes!


  2. Lyds,
    I'm having so much fun making this baby afgahn for you. I think its goin to turn out very cute. I can't wait to see ur little baby wrapped up in it. I'm super jealous. I can't wait till me and my Joshi have a baby.

  3. I'm glad you found a dr. And that you like him. Yay for measuring ahead! Woo hoo. I'm measuring exactly on time. Per usual with me. Ha. Your belly is adorable! So excited for you. Glad you are moved to Springfield. :)

  4. Lindsey- Thank you so much! It IS very cool. : )

    Vanna- I'm so excited for the blanket! I love that you are making us one. : ) I can't wait to see her wrapped up in it, either. Or for you and Josh to have a baby, too! : )

    Amy- Thank you! I called your dr. that you suggested, but he didn't accept my insurance. : ( Thanks for your help, though! Yay for measuring on time, too! : )

  5. HAHA! Michael gets "concerned" too when I rub on Q to push him down. It gets uncomfortable! But he is afraid I'll hurt him. So cute/annoying! And just think, soon you'll get to see her little face!!!

  6. That phenomena-of the body parts sticking out and what not-is one of those that is so difficult to comprehend for the non-pregnant among us. But, so, so awesome.

  7. just found your blog..congrats on your pregnancy! exciiiting :)

  8. Sam- haha. sounds like josh! sometimes she can get a little uncomfortable...but i'm not sure we're to the stage yet where her moving is bothersome.

    Carly- it really is so neat! i can't actually SEE anything, but if i rub it, i can get a feel for what it probably is. it's so fun. and it makes me feel so close to her! : )

    Eva- thank you for stopping by! and thanks for the congratulations! : )


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