Tuesday, July 26, 2011

last week in pictures.

So, last week I finally got an iPhone + hopped on the "instagram" train. I love it! It's such a fun, neat way to get a peek into some of my friends daily lives. So, if you're a user, follow me or let me know your username. Mine is my usual: lydswashere.
Since I'm taking cute little phone pictures now, I've decided to start doing the week in photos posts. I thiiink there may be a link up for this? But I'm not really sure. If there is, let me know, and I'll be sure to link up. I'm a little late this first time. : )


1.) Peanut Butter brownies! 2.) Cute husband on a late night Wal-Mart run.


1.) Homemade blueberries + whipped cream stuffed french toast.
 2.) Giant belly. I actually can't see my feet, typically. Definitely leaning forward for the photo.

1.) "Family Matters." 2.) Red beans + rice + sausage. New favorite!


1.) I found three puppies last week, and today they are going to their new home. Yay!
2.) Cutest afghan in the world. Got it for Tatum. : )

1.) McDonald's Sweet tea. Probably drink too much of it.
2.) Me and Han, my little sister.

1.) The biggest teddy bear ever for Tatum. Got it for $1. A DOLLAR.
2.) Strawberry jam toast.

1.) "The Wrong Mother." Finished it a couple of days ago. It was really good!
2.) Shaved my sister Tori's head. (She's donating her hair.)

1.) Coffee! Definitely not soup. I hate when people eat things from mugs. Sickos.
2.) Getting some sun! I had been doing this most days for a couple of weeks, but that day I broke out in hives on my legs. Probably one of my cuter moments.

1.) The in-laws. Clearly, they don't know I took this. Soooryyy. : )
2.) A really good cookie. Obviously.



  1. hello from your newest follower!
    i found you through a "similar to" on twitter when looking at other mummy blogs.
    I am so excited to continue to read your blog and see when your baby comes!
    i have a four month old daughter (and a 2 year old too!) and i really miss the excitement of pregnancy.


  2. Love me some red beans and rice. Oh, and, peanut butter brownies sounds incredible.

  3. That is so awesome that your sister is donating her hair! I love love love that! Bravo for her.

  4. This is too cute. I need to upgrade to the iPhone 4 because my 3gs doesn't have this, I guess??

  5. Keri-Anne: Aww, thank you! That's really sweet of you! I'm glad you're following now. : )

    Carly: You should make some! Betty Crocker in a box.
    : )

    Colby: She will love to hear that! : )

    Kaylene: You can get it on 3gs! That's the phone I got. It's just an app you download...and it's free! : )

  6. I have to admit: sometimes I eat cereal out of a mug. hope we can still be friends:-) xoxo

  7. I drink wine from mugs. But don't eat anything- you're right, that would be weird.

  8. Your sister is awesome. instagram??? follow me! madisonrage

  9. your sister looks great! and what a brave woman to donate all of her hair.

  10. BonBon- We totally can! I'll look past it. : ) haha.

    Lauren- THANK YOU! People rarely agree with me on that. ha.

    Madison- Definitely!

    Chaucee- She will so appreciate that! : )

  11. So much fun! Welcome to the instagram world. I think I am just amyschmamey on there. :) How AWESOME that your sis donated her hair. She looks beautiful! I hope you are doing well! I like your blog look!

  12. your sister is gorgeous, I wish I could rock a bald head :)

    Love the instagrams, glad you hopped on the train :)


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