Wednesday, July 20, 2011

24 Weeks + Some Honesty.

{24 weeks}

I love my baby + I love a lot of parts of being pregnant. But there are some parts that aren't so lovely. Of course, I will gladly take these things if what I'm getting in return is a beautiful, precious baby. For the most part, I've been pretty "sunshine + daisies" when it comes to sharing things about my pregnancy, but I wanted to be a little more honest about what pregnancy can bring (and has brought me). (Hence, the bare belly photos.) This isn't a post to complain, just to share some truths. Some pregnancy anecdotes, if you will.

+ I'm basically one giant, walking stretch mark. (As you can see!) Which is obviously too cute for words. They are on my inner and outer thighs, my calves, my stomach, and fascinatingly, my butt. (I know some of my guy friends read my, sorry if I've terrified you. But I'm only preparing you for your future.)

+ Gravity is not on my side. I cannot tell how many times I have involuntarily tipped over. 

+ A lot of the time, I feel completely out of control when it comes to my emotions. STORYTIME: A few nights ago, Josh took me to a local diner to get something to eat. I chose "blueberry + whipped cream stuffed french toast." When I saw how they made it, I freaked out. Luckily, the meal was to go, because I had a crying, yelling fit. I was convinced I would totally hate it and so mad that I bought it. We got home...and I loved it. It ended up being really funny, but I felt so bad that I was acting totally insane.

+ I can barely breathe when I'm laying down. Sleeping has become a major issue every night. Last night, I even slept sitting up for awhile. 

+ Honestly, I am a peeing machine.

+ I am really forgetful. Like the time last week when I went to my dr. appt. a day early. That wasn't embarrassing or anything. 


Clearly, my "complaints" are minor. In fact, I'm pretty much laughing at myself on a daily basis.

p.s. I totally promise not to post anymore scary, giant, bare belly photos. You're welcome.

p.s.s. Tatum's middle name is, officially, Auden. Tatum Auden Kassinger. : )


  1. ohhh mama. Ive been there. the emotional outbursts? yea, i dont miss 'em. luckily you are almost done and the funny thing is once its over you just wanna go back. isnt that how it always is?

  2. You are not alone... on any of these hah! One of my first symptoms, before even showing, I had belly stretch marks. They're our mom badge :)

    Crying pregnant story; I told steve to get me mini beef ravioli. He came home with regular sized cheese ones. I cried and cried and cried some more...

  3. I love your honesty!! You rock lady!! Sending you a hug! xo.

  4. <---- that's my pregnancy photo set. just watch those things GROW up my belly. honestly, mine have all faded to that silvery color and i don't even really think about them that much. i read some crazy statistic that 80% of women have them after having a baby, so just know, if you see a woman with a baby, she more than likely has them too. and i've discovered that no one really cares about them except for chicks without kids (because that's all you have to care about anyway). because dudes sure don't care. all they care about is boobs and ass. :)

  5. hahaha. My husband tells me "Your pregnancy fog is fogging up the house!" I can't remember anything. The other day I said "Fish is a good chicken." Obviously not what I meant to say.

  6. As a woman planning to TTC in a few months, I appreciate that you're sharing some truths about pregnancy. Also, I get stretch marks when I gain 3 lbs, so I'm sure I will also be a "walking stretch mark" when I get pregnant.

  7. I got a million stretch marks too Lydia. After the fact, I still hate them. I prefer to call them "momma marks" because that's the only way I can stand them :-)

  8. i for one do not think so pictures are scary. before i even read your post i thought, "look at that beautiful pregnant belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" growing a baby is such a miracle. i know some days it is hard (i had some tough days as well!), but eventually you will appreciate every little thing about it...eventually as in, when you are holding that little lovebug in your arms and 3 months later you are like, "i miss my belly!" hahaha...sounds insane, but it's so true!

  9. OH MY GOSH! This was me in my 1st pregnancy. My abdomen looks like the surface of a cantaloupe and will for the rest of my life. Not so bad of a trade off for my two kids though. I have stretch marks on all the places you mentioned. It's surely not the glamorous part. The emotional fit you threw over the French toast, I threw that same fit over a dairy queen blizzard during pregnancy with Lindsey. So funny now that I think back. Pregnancy is just one crazy crazy adventure. You are doing great though. I didn't think this sounded whiney. You are just telling things like they really are. It gets better though. Stretchmarks fade and life goes on. You are doing great by keeping your eye on the prize. :).

  10. Adriana- that's what i hear! i know i'll miss some things about it. : )

    Renee- totally agree about the mom badge. it's a great way to think about it. love the ravioli story! haha.

    Deanna- i've actually been lucky enough to not have that problem! score.

    Caroline- thank you so much! : )

    Danielle- it's okay! i'm not sad. : )

    Jess- haha, i always love your take on things. : )

    Sam- "fish is a good chicken." best. ever.

    Carly- thank you! : ) i hope you can escape the walking stretch mark fate.

    kaylene- that's such a great name for them! love it.

    rachel- that is so sweet of you! thank you so much. you're the nicest.

    amy- "surface of a cantaloupe." haha. not laughing at you, i just love that you can say it in a "no big deal!" way. that's awesome! : )

  11. I stumbled upon your blog, and I thought this post was so sweet! It was so sweet to share your experience, and even sweeter that you would gladly put up with it in exchange for a cute little baby. Congratulations on your coming little bundle of joy! x

  12. I'm glad you posted this; its very honest. A lot of mommy bloggers only post about the cutesy parts.

    Also, I LOVE the baby's name!

  13. I am 29 weeks pregnant and have the same problem while sleeping (well, TRYING to sleep rather) ...I feel like I am always trying to take more air in and that I never get enough. No matter what position I lay in or how I am situated nothing seems to work !!

    I a peeing machine :)


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