Sunday, July 17, 2011

Am I Ready?

A couple of days ago, I received this comment from a reader, Dori:

"Hey! This is really great. I'm not sure if I missed the post or not, but since we're
both 90's kids, I was wondering how on earth you are ready for a baby?!
I mean, I'm jealous. I'm still in school and work as a cashier and live at home, 
pregnancy for me would be a DISASTER, although I wish I were in your situation.
How did you get such a head start on life? I'm really happy for you!"

I hope you won't mind my sharing your comment, Dori! It was, after all, what inspired this post! : ) 


This will probably sound strange, but I've always known things would happen this way. I would be a young wife, a young mother. For years I always had this...feeling, that things would happen that way. I believe, without a doubt, that I was made for this. That being said, Josh and I weren't actively trying to get pregnant. We weren't planning to start trying until 2012. 
Before finding out we were pregnant, I did still want to have a baby. I mean, every time we saw a baby, I said, "I want a baby!" And then, poof, I had one.

Financially and such, we are fine to have a baby. It's no problem. And I'm so grateful that we're fortunate enough for me to be able to fulfill my dream of being a "stay-at-home" mom. 

But, are we emotionally ready? Yes and no. More of a yes. There are obviously things that we will miss out on, which is--honestly--kind of a bummer. We haven't really had that much just "us" time. Sometimes, I am sad about that, but I am even more happy that we will have a whole other person to take on adventures with us + spend time with. I am so excited + wouldn't for a second think about changing things. Sometimes, I am nervous, of course. But, I'm pretty sure that's natural.

Besides, ready or not, she's I guess we kind of have to be. : )


  1. Ah, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm not ready for a baby either, but that has other reasons... ;-)
    Just what I was thinking: I guess in most times you're not 100% ready for a baby. You can imagine, what's going to happen and you know stories from friends and neighbors. But every family and situation is different.
    Also, if you always knew that you wanted to have children as early as possible - why wait?!

    Congrats to the little one. I'm happy for you!!

  2. Thanks for replying. :)

    This post is happy. I wish everybody would accept life's unplanned adventures the way you do. People like you are rare nowadays, having that kind of attitude about life. You're awesome, Lyds.

    I'm excited to see how everything's gonna go. Keep us posted... & we're all here if you need any help.

    Take care!


  3. if everyone waited until they were 'ready' to have baby, no one would ever have one. :)

  4. Nadine--thanks for your sweet comment and support! : )

    Dori--you are so, so sweet! thank you so much, girl! : )

    Deanna--that's what i told josh! haha.

  5. I SO ESSITED!!!!
    Bring dat booboo on!
    : )
    I love you.

  6. You are surely going to do great. It's amazing how that instinct just kicks in and everything just works out in the end. I agree with the person who said "If you wait until you are ready then you will never have kids" It's very true. You are so happy and go with the flow, motherhood is going to suit you just fine. :)

  7. I have a post about fears of motherhood ( and I agree with you- you can never be ready. If I were to be prepared for every major aspect in my life, where would the wisdom and excitement come from? Also, as dear as your friend's comment was, just because they're not ready, doesn't mean you are :)

  8. Hey Lydia,
    I just start reading your blog and I just have to say that I already feel connected with you. We are so similar.
    As for this post - thank you for sharing! My husband and I were married just after our 19th birthdays and now at 20 we're getting ready to welcome our first child into the world in January!
    It's *so* encouraging to hear about other young woman such as yourself who are starting the great adventure of motherhood!
    Thanks for inspiring!



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