Monday, July 11, 2011

22 Weeks!

+ This past week has been so, so awesome. Tatum is finally, officially moving/kicking/pushing. Every day, all the time. A few days ago, I felt my first outside kick. The next day, Josh felt her for the first time. The day after that, we SAW her for the first time. And since then, my mom + one of my sisters have also felt her. It is the neatest thing! I love it so much.

+ Josh and I have begun the search for our house. (Not buying, just renting for 6-9 mos.) I'm a little stressed about it...I'm afraid we won't find a place I really like. And I'm also afraid we're not going to find a place that allows pets. For some reason, this area just doesn't like animals. And even though Stella drives me insane...I'd hate to see her go. So, crossing my fingers we can find a place. 

+ I have almost decided on a middle name. It's down to two. One is a poet's name, the other a musician.

+ My next dr. appt. is on Wednesday. I'm excited. We have another U/S, I'm pretty sure. And I'm just eager to see our little girl again. 

+ Totally off subject, but I just finished the book "The Help." And it is one of the best books I've read in a long, long time. You should read it. Now. I'm buying a new book on Wednesday...Any recommendations?


  1. You are stunning pregnant. You look so happy, which is what people call "the glow" ha. I am so happy that you are feeling the movements more! I just started feeling my baby move... I feel him/her quite often now, but I haven't actually seen my belly move because of the movements yet. It is fun when they move and you can see them and feel them.

    Good luck on your house situation!

    And yay for another u/s! I only get 2 my whole pregnancy. 1 at 20 weeks (wednesday!) and another at 30 weeks. :) That is the fun part.

    I have no book recs for you though. Hope you find a good one!

  2. Look at you!! You are glowing!! You are going to make a great MOM!! xo.

  3. Anything by Ken Follett is good. I'm currently reading World Without End. :)

    btw, you look great!

  4. you look so happy and gorgeous--it's awesome to see you falling more and more in love with baby tatum.

    I liked the millenium series by stieg larsson (the girl with the dragon tattoo, etc.) they start off slow and are graphic at times, but the story is good.

  5. Aw wow! you look absolutely stunning! Horray for feeling baby Tatum moving :) enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx

  6. You look so Beautiful! I am so happy for you! Congrats on your new addition to your family :)

    Book recomendations:
    Looking for Alaska

    Invisible Sign of my Own

    The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

  7. You are looking fantastic as ever. How exciting that you can feel the babes so much now!

    I just finished The Help as well and thought it was phenomenal.

  8. Congratulations little lady! There is nothing in the world that comes close to being pregnant, and its so great that you are enjoying it!

    I recently read this book

    I think its a great book for all parents to read, and I definitely highly recommend it! Its NOT like the typical pregnancy/baby books.

    p.s. Good luck looking for a place!

  9. oh goodness, I love this photo. You look like a stunning mom to be.

    I loved the Help, my favorite part was the special pie, ha!!

    Have you checked out the site very helpful!


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