Tuesday, June 28, 2011

21 Weeks + A Name Change?

{STEPPING OUT SATURDAY! just kidding.}

I'm posting my 21 week post a day earlier than I should, but I've been behind on "Bump" posts, so I don't want this one to fall by the wayside, too. I mean, I'm basically 21 weeks, anyways! (Which is totally weird. The quickness of this pregnancy will never stop amazing me.) 

--HOLY HUGE! I feel like my belly is growing directly out. Like, torpedo-style. And I think I'm going to be gigantic by the end. 

--A few days ago, I woke up to terrible neck/shoulder/arm/chest pains. In tears, kinds of pains. After a little debating, I decided to head to the hospital, just in case. Everything was totally fine with me + T, and I was glad to get that peace of mind. They actually didn't have any idea what was wrong with me. (They said flu, buttt, I can't give.) After I got home and ate/rested I felt 100% better. So, yay!

--A couple of days ago, I started looking into what I wanted to do as far as birthing method/classes. I thought I was decided on Bradley Method, but after some further research, I'm just not sure if it's what's best for me. Plus, the nearest class is 1.5 hours away. Tonight, I started looking into Hypnobirthing. And I think I'm probably going to give that a go. It seems to fit my personality and desires, and I've read a lot of people say that if you are diligent + willing to work, you can teach yourself. So, I'm going to buy some books and get into all that. I'm also going to take the birthing class offered by the hospital, for a little more insight into what their plans and such are.

--Now, for that title topic...A couple of days ago I started freaking out a bit, mostly on the inside, about Tatum's name. It's such an important, permanent decision. I just need it to be completely right, you know? I want her name to have some sort of connection to something. I want her to have a beautiful, strong, thoughtful name. Not just something chosen solely because I think it is pretty. So, after some thought, we are nixing Adeline as her middle name. It is such a beautiful name, but I just don't think it's hers. (It was actually supposed to be her first name, but I didn't want people to call her Addy.) There are currently a few names we're considering. So, hopefully next post, I'll be able to share her complete name.

--You guys, I seriously love this baby. 



  1. Holy cow! You are HUGE! I am so happy for you girl! So so happy!

  2. look at your belly! you look
    so cute, I don't think
    you look huge!!

  3. i think you look gorgeous! and the 'stepping out saturday' comment made me snort coffee out of my nose. i've often wanted to post a week's worth of what i wore at home. maybe this will inspire me. :)

  4. You're looking great!

    I have "Adeline" written down as a possible name for our future (possible) baby girl. It is a gorgeous name. But, my first choice, Estelle Jade, seems to have more weight and I think it will win out. (T-3 months until we TTC.)

    Anywho, I'll be interested to know what you decide on!

  5. You are looking so cute!!! Your belly is adorable! I love how happy you look. I need to get Dave to start taking my belly pics because I'm so concentrated on taking my own picture that I forget to smile ha ha ha. Good for you on researching methods. I didn't and I ended up freaking out during labor with Lindsey. Ha. I did better with Brendan. But with this one I am going to have a plan. I'm so glad you are doing well. Your belly looks so awesome. You are right it is growing out! Ha.

  6. i'm so glad to finally see some REAL maternity pictures! i wanted to see all of you. you look so great! and you're all in the front, that's awesome. i was like that too.

  7. Aaah! You look absolutely amazing :)
    My lil' cousin just found out she's having a lil' baby girl too! Congrats so much! :)

  8. Thank you, guys! : )

    deanna- yes! i hope you do. that'd be super cute and funny. : )

    carly- i think your first choice is beautiful!

    jess-yeah, i think i'm going to start having josh take some!

    caits- yay! congratulations to your cousin! that's wonderful. : )

  9. Hey! This is really great.
    I'm not sure if I missed the post or not, but since we're both 90's kids, I was wondering how on earth you are ready for a baby!? I mean, I'm jealous. I'm still in school and work as a cashier and live at home, pregnancy for me would be a DISASTER for me although I wish I were in your situation.

    How did you get such a head start on life? I'm really happy for you! Get back at me!



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