Sunday, October 10, 2010

let's write novels!

I've always wanted to write a novel. Or fifty. I've been trying, without success, ever since I can remember. It seems that there is always something standing in the way; time and complete ideas seem to be the main culprits. I'll start writing something and come the third page I've hit the wall. The dreaded wall, otherwise known as "Writer's Block." Or else I'll just stop, reread, and think everything I've written is complete and total trash.

And I'm quite sure I'm not alone in this. Honestly, I think this happens to a lot of people. It's so frustrating, and I know that when it happens to me, I just give up. But obviously quitting isn't the answer and quitting isn't for people like me. (awesome people, duh.)
The desire to write has recently hit me again, but with all those same old feelings arising I haven't exactly produced anything...

Then yesterday, I discovered something really neat and exciting! November is "National Novel Writing Month." Who the heck knew? So I followed the link to the website for the event and learned all about it. (You can, too. Click here!) You can sign up and join in with thousands of other people, or you could just do it yourself. You could do it every month if you wanted! To me, this is such a great writing exercise. There are no real rules, other than how long the story must be. (At least 50,000 words.) So you just write and write, and obviously some things will be silly, unrealistic, and totally ridiculous. But I guess that's the fun of it! Instead of making a chore or task of's just something fun and neat to do. I'm pretty sure I'll be participating. How about you? If you do, please tell me!

{isn't this the cutest ever!}

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  1. This is such an awesome idea!! I think I'm definitely going to take part in it. And oh my, that tattoo is lovely!!

  2. Great idea! I always think about writing but I don't think I could keep track of a novel, if that makes sense. It'd be so hard to have to reread and reread and have it all make sense. Good luck with yours though! And that tattoo is amazing, I'm pretty sure I need something booky on my body, I love books.

  3. i've been wanting to write a book since elementary school. it all started when a show-off boy wrote a book and had it put in the school library. so the drive was compwtitive at first, but over time i'e just wanted to write mainly because i love to read so much! i always seem to write such great prefaces or intros in my head when i go out for walks, but as soon as i get back home...BAM! a blank mind; i hae no idea what i just decided to write!

    good luck! i'll buy your book when it's published!

  4. NaNoWriMo is such a good idea! They have a really good book that can help you for ideas/morale/etc that you can pick up pretty cheapy chips on Amazon :)

    I really wana do it again this year but just don't have enough time with uni :( but it's so worth!!! :D

    Good luck!!!!

  5. I'm the same way about having writer's block after three pages or so. Most times...I'll just let it sit for about a week...then come back to it and usually it's with a fresher mind. That site sounds like a fantastic idea though! I might look into it, but keep us posted on your experience! :) Happy writing!

  6. i'm currently writing a book. so far its taken me about 2-3 years (from the time i got the initial idea until now, 40,000 words in) but its such a thrilling experience. i love sitting down and writing and realizing that, i'm not writing a book at all, i'm merely telling the story the characters want me to share. its kind of weird... and kind of awesome.
    writers block is tough though, i know. somedays i can crank out 1,000 words and other days i'm struggling for just 5 words. but i keep telling myself i'd rather take my time and write the book the way it was meant to be written rather than just put words on paper and call it a book. :)

    good luck with your novel! i'm going to look into that link. it sounds fun!

  7. firstly, yes that tattoo is the cutest ever. 2ndly if i had more spare time I would be doing this. I think my story would just start with me sitting at the computer and typing what comes to mind. no planningor anything becasue that is usually what discourages me from writing. good luck with your novel! and thanks for your comment xx

  8. I am so bad at looong pieces. Lately, I struggle so much with my baby poems and (very) short stories--I can't imagine a novel! But I LOVE the idea! Maybe I will give it a try? #talkingcrazy

  9. I struggle to write anything longer than a short story or personal essay. I even steered away from writing classes that hinted at novel creation in my writing undergrad. Ha. It really is daunting, isn't it?

    PS: That tat is too freakin' cute.


    All this is Grace and Charm

  10. i can't write bc i feel like a moron! my thoughts are so scatter brained!
    thats why i mostly post PHOTOS.

    You have great writing skills! keep it up!

    i stopped writing in HS when my parents found my diary. i wish i recorded more of my crazy adventures.

    i say keep writing!


  11. That tattoo is as cute as!!!



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