Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the time we almost bought a mobile home.

When we're driving around town, we occasionally pass this mobile home lot. The majority of them look like your typical, average mobile home. There was one building that Josh and I could never figure out, though. It's orange, square, and has stairs along the side of the building leading up to a roof-top patio. We were always super curious about it. Today when we were driving home from the movies, we passed it and decided to pull into the lot and maybe check it out.

Josh went inside the office and asked if we were allowed to look in the buildings, and the owner said that any door that was unlocked, we could enter. So, we did. It turned out that the orange building actually comes with one of the homes and a built-in porch/deck sort of thing, and a back patio leading out from the master bedroom. Here's what they look like:

Um, it's beautiful. And definitely not the average mobile home. It's also 100% green friendly. It runs off of solar power! It's amazing. First, we went into the home and looked around. The actual house can hold 1-2 bedrooms. The model we looked at was a two bedroom.

{i love the built-in bed, cabinets, and nightstand!}

I'm definitely not into the decor and coloring just because I'm not a fan of super modern styling, but other than that I sort of loved it. Then, the other building. It's so fun and neat! It's basically just a little hang-out, but Josh and I talked about using it as an office space or possibly finding a way to turn it into my future salon. (Listen, people. We were serious about this for about an hour. Ha.) It could even be used as a guesthouse. It has it's own bathroom. You can also get it in different sizes. (1 bedroom or 2!)

Again, not a fan of the decor, it's horrible. But how neat is this?! We would absolutely be doing this, too. If it weren't for the fact that 1.) You can't get loans on them. 2.) They do not appreciate in value. 
It was super fun to look at, though! As I told Josh, "It was a short-lived dream. But it was our dream." (that's a joke.) :)

What do you guys think about these!

{all photos courtesy of claytonihouse.com}


  1. THAT MOBILE HOME IS SERIOUSLY UP MY ALLEY. i'm telling you, i would totally live in that house. my husband would love it. we don't have anything that cool around here. i don't understand why you can't get a loan on them? i mean, isn't it up to the bank?

  2. i'm actually really surprised they don't appreciate in value. i was watching this show once about these sort of modular homes designed by this architect that came with built-in furniture, and even some decor and dishes. anyway, they were really cheap in their day (60's) but now they're rare and worth a fortune. that house you showed kind of reminded me of the 60's houses.

    i really think it's awesome, and i never would have guessed it was a mobile home! you're right, the decor is as hideous as it comes (i hate super modern and super bright) but the house itself is really neat!

  3. jess, we actually talked to our friend, jason, who is a loan officer at a bank. he said that he doesn't know any bank that would do a loan on a mobile/modular home. but he said that most places that you get them from will usually do some type of financing.
    you should go to the website if you'd really like to look into it! they have these in numerous cities, and they deliver them.

    danielle, i'm surprised too! i think they're so neat!

  4. I would totally live in something like that. How awesome! I have never seen anything like it!

  5. amy, you should go look at them just for fun! : )

  6. those are really cool! weird that it would still fall under the same rules as a mobile home-doesn't look anything like one!

  7. Whoa! You get THAT with a purchase of a mobile home? Or...do you mean you can get it by itself? If it were me, I would TOTALLY get it. Haha. I'm extremely surprised, but it's amazing how mobile homes have gradually gotten better. Awesome share!

  8. michele, you get it WITH that home. it only comes with this particular home, though. but you do have the option to buy the orange building by itself.
    i think it's so neat that it comes with it! it's really cool. :)

  9. guess you could always rent out the side building to make money on it but there goes the office idea!

  10. that's a mobile home i would not be utterly ashamed of living in!

  11. Dude, I drive by that place like 3 times a week. My husband and I stopped there and walked in and looked around. We were in love from first sight, however at the price of $100 grand... well.. it's just not my price range! :)

  12. that is a mobile home? It's BEAUTIFUL! Do you have any links to the company that makes them?

  13. biscuit, yeah, they did end up being pretty pricey! and that was our problem with the fact that they only depreciate. we'd have to live there our entire lives, basically.

  14. oh, and they have a couple of different websites:



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