Saturday, October 23, 2010

a blog award:


Yesterday I received this very sweet blog award, from a very sweet girl, Koree!

The rules of the award are for me to state 10 things I like/love:

1.) long haired dachshunds. 2.) modern family. 3.) pigs. 4.) my favorite hymn. 5.) my best friend. 6.) my husband. 7.) skeleton bones. 8.) the night i met josh. 9.) the raining season. 10.) chinese food.

NOT PICTURED: my family! 
i couldn't find a good family photo, but i like/love them a lot!

I'm also supposed to tag 10 other people to do this, but I honestly can't I'm just going to say that I give this award to whoever wants to do it, because I like you all!


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  1. Come thou fount is MY favorite too! And especially the Sufjan version.


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