Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, if you're actually looking at my blog, (you better be!) you'll see that I'm currently trying a little something new. I'm basically loving it. I really wanted a new, cleaner, prettier look. I'm hoping to get a professional design soon, but for now I like how she looks!

Today was a rather lazy day. Um, they usually are. Which is kind of lame, but I'll be starting school soon and that will be changing. So far now, I'm just soaking up all the quality time Josh and I can have together. It's really nice. Even though we are together all day long, we don't necessarily spend all that time together. That would get boring...but we do take time out to eat together, watch our shows, have random cuddle/talk times. It's the best.

{I made breakfast! CINNAMON BITES.}

They were pretty okay. Nothing to write home about! Well, in my opinion. Josh really liked them, though. But he only likes them when they're cold and hard. Big nasty.

I also decorated one of our countertops for fall. A baby pumpkin and a cinnamon candle. Just perfect! After we go to the pumpkin patch, there will hopefully be some more decorations to add here and there. Speaking of decorations, I'm ready for Christmas. 

And in closing...

Frankenstein actually sleeps like this. He is the heaviest sleeper in the world. It's unreal. He fell asleep just looking at Josh, I guess. He also sleeps with his eyes open. There were pictures...but they were far too terrifying...



  1. aww! how old is your kitty? he looks really young.

  2. where can i find a recipe for the cinnamon bites? (:

  3. AWWW your kitty is so adorable. I like what you did to your blog. It's very purrtty!
    I can't wait for Halloween!

    Marja <3

  4. i like the new layout! and the cinnamon bites DO look pretty freaking amazing. thanks for completely trying to sabotage my diet.

  5. Love your new header!
    And your kitty cat's name = too cute!
    Hard, cold cinnamon rolls? no way?!

  6. danielle, he's about 9 weeks old! so, still quite a baby. :)

    jasi, recipe is as follows: pillsbury cinnamon bites in a can. :) found at your local grocery store, i'm sure! haha.

    jess, my apologies! :)

    thanks for all the compliments everyone! :) xo.

  7. 1. Cinnamon bites look FAB!
    2. That kitty is adorable time a billion! <3
    3. I'm new here! Love your blog!

  8. Dear Lydia,
    I gave you a little award over at my blog! :)

  9. baking is so much fun and i love the design of the Halloween candle!


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