Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Been too damn long..."

Name that movie quote!
Just kidding...
I mean, you can, but it's pretty obscure...I think.
And it's probably in a lot of movies...but which am I thinking of?!
And it also has absolutely nothing to do with this post!
It just popped in my head. 

So, basically, it's storming here real bad, and I'm kind of freaking out! Because I think I heard tornado sirens...and I live on the fourth floor of an apartment building. What do I do in this scenario?! THEY NEVER TAUGHT US THIS IN SCHOOL. 

Anyways. To calm myself, I've decided it's time I wrote my blog post about my little adventure last weekend. I met the two cutest boys of my life. (besides my brothers, but duh. well. actually...just kidding. maybe.) My sweet little BFF Abby asked me if I wanted to babysit the two little boys she normally babysits because both her and the boys' mom were going to a concert. I said, "Yes, please!" 
I love kids to pieces, so I was really excited about it. :) 
So I got the opportunity to meet the coolest boys ever. No exaggeration.

Zeke is 7 and like, UNREAL smart for his age. Like, "able to have a real conversation with" smart. And Abe...oh goodness, Abe. He's 3. And I'm pretty sure I need my son to be him, or at least come close. Please? The entire night he was "Harry" and I was "Hermione." We had a carrot car and we were trying to defeat "Baby Bowser." Oh, also sometimes we were Spongebob and Patrick. And if we weren't any of the aforementioned...we were "Dead Dog Plant." Um, don't even ask. It's privileged information. (Totally kidding. It was some creature off the HP video game.)

When I was putting Abe and Zeke to bed we decided to watch the "Super Mario Bros." movie. I had never seen it. Zeke found a stick-on mustache and had me put it on, and I talked like a man. Abe stole it and then he talked like a man. (Best thing of my life, in case you were wondering.) So after being men, we played "Dead Dog Plant" for awhile and soon after Abe fell asleep. Zeke and I watched the rest of the movie, and that was that.

Best kids ever. Basically I write this to say: I hope I'm blessed with such lovely kids someday.




  1. Aw! That sounds like so much fun!! Kids rule!

  2. ENTIRE post was adorable! I need a carrot car now. Yep.

  3. You are going to be such a great momma!

  4. Ahh, sounds SOOO cute! Haha. I love it. Kids are the greatest. :)


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