Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Life Post: Cupcake + Breakfast Dates.

I sort of realized last night that I NEVER talk about my life on here anymore. I think it's because since we've moved I honestly don't do all that much, but that's all about to change. It's gotten way too boring around here, and I can't stand it anymore. One way this is changing is that Josh and I are going to start having weekly date nights! I'm so excited about this. Not only will it be good for us to get out and about, but I think it will just have such a great impact on our relationship. : )

So, for our first date night Josh and I went to the new cupcakery here in Springfield, "The Cup." I'd been once before with my friend Abby, and a couple of her neat friends, but Josh hadn't gone yet. And I felt he needed to. Plus, I just like cupcakes a lot. (Just wait...) 
Josh hates basically anything with an interesting flavor. So he just got the "Confetti Cupcake," which is a french vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting and little sprinkles on top. I tried a new flavor, (the first time I got "Tuxedo," chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and mini oreo on top.) Grasshopper! It's a chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream and a mint chocolate candy on top. YUM.

We sat for awhile and just talked and enjoyed each other's company. It was real nice. :) I meant to take pictures! But I accidentally ate my cupcake before I remembered...
When we were leaving, I asked Josh if we could get a cupcake to go, for us to split. He declined, but said I could go ahead and get one if I still wanted. Um...I wanted. Enter: Summer Crush cupcake. An orange cupcake with orange and vanilla buttercream frosting with a gummi bear on top and a cream filled center! I didn't eat it that night, but saved it for breakfast the next day. (Don't judge.)

Another impromptu date we had happened last night, after I got home from a real fun evening out. (this deserves it's very own post!) We went to IHOP! I got the super wonderful "International Crepe Passport" with nutella crepes! And Josh got some appetizer basket. (BOOORING.) This night was so much fun. :)
There was a table of a few men and women a bit behind us, and we talked about them, and tried to figure out who was with who, and all that. This one guy was totally trying to impress this girl by doing really goofy stuff, further ensuring Josh and I that our guess that they were "just talking" was true. 
Then, Josh tried to do magic tricks and spilled water all over the table. So impressive. Maybe he should have taught that guy those tricks, so he could impress that girl more. I think so!

{these are actually from a different IHOP date, but whatever.}
(also, just click to view larger! if you feel so inclined.)


  1. I tried the nutella crepes last week! I love them, but they drowned mine in strawberries and sauce and it kinda messed up the flavor. Either way, still delicious! :)

  2. The second cupcake you tried sounds amazing! & YAY for dates with your guy! :]

  3. you guys are so adorable. have you seen the movie date night? this reminded me of it :-)

  4. jenny, they did that to mine, too! i was like, :(.

    chelsea, it was! very, very. it was super rich, tho. i had to scrape off a bit of frosting. ha.

    molly, yes! i actually said that to josh last night. haha. i was like, "hey! we're like date night!"

  5. You are too cute! I love Ihop too and I don't care who makes fun of me for that. I think it just brings back the childhood memories. You are sweet to say that you have missed my posts, but I'm am now back in full action. I didn't have my computer for such a long time (broken) and I just about died. I'm slowly catching up in the blog world.

  6. You guys are adorable! Date nights are the best. My hubby and I try to have a date night every friday night. It always makes me heart melt whenever I hear one of my hubby's friends calling to hang out on Friday's, and he says "No, man! It's date night!"

    Sometimes all we do is get chinese take out and watch the Bourne movies for the umpteenth time... But its wonderful.

    Here is to date night!!!

    Have a great weekend, Lydia!

  7. Aw, dates nights are so nice!
    My boyfriend and I try to go out at least once a month or so.

    I'm absolutely dying to try a nutella crepe, by the way, but I have yet to find an IHOP nearby. Someday, though!

  8. Aww! This is way too cute:) I am glad you are able to take the time and hang out - life can get so crazy sometimes, and I love that you are taking time for the important things - like love and cupcakes:)

  9. i love date nights! they are a must! good for you too:)

    Or just anything, you know.
    I lurked your facebook and saw that Josh will be out of town SO I KNOW YOU WILL BE EXTRA LONELY ;)

  11. ohmy.
    you two=super cute!
    you guys remind me of my bf and i:):)
    and my bf would so choose the "safe" food items and I would def go for the things you chose!

    last night Lourens and I watched The Pagemaster together:)

    And and...our 3 year anniversary is coming up, any ideas on what to do/buy/make???


  12. Hello there!! Love your blog, adorable:) Date nights are so much fun, especially ones that involve cupcakes. Unfortunately my boyfriend a non cup cake eater so we stick to other things. Looking forward to reading more!!!

  13. My boyfriend and I went to Frankie and Benny's once and there were a couple sitting at the table opposite and we just spent the whole evening watching them! It was clearly a first date and we were assessing them (he needs to talk less...)
    I don't think there was a second date.

  14. me and my sister were at ihop yesterday morning(mmmpancakes). there was no group of awkward people, but our waiter looked crazy like 80s lionel richie.

  15. We've recently brought date night back too. It makes the world go round! Your cupcakes sounded amazing!!

  16. mmmm crepes and pancakes! i love ihop too :)

  17. i love date nights :). glad you guys had fun. so good that you're investing in your marriage!


  18. I love date nights! My hubs and I try to do a couple a week, but sometimes its hard with our work schedules.

    I'm a new follower and I found you while just browsing.

    Take care!

  19. You are making me hungry! The grasshopper sounds soooooooooooo so so good! Mmm. I love mint! Date nights sound great too. I wanna start going on some with my boyfriend, haha. We usually just hang out and watch tv!

    I have never been to iHop! I'm not sure if they have any in Canada? If they do, there aren't any around me! I totally want to go out for breakfast now though, haha!

  20. Mmmm I love ihop! I don't think that there are any ihops here in Manhattan, but when I lived in LA, my mom and I always had ihop dates!


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