Sunday, September 5, 2010

why chloe is brilliant:

You know that thing you do to people to trick them into saying the wrong word? That thing that's like, "Say silk five times fast! And again, and again!" And they do. Then you say, "What do cows drink?" And they're supposed to be tricked into saying, "Milk." Well, Josh and I did all of those little things to Chloe yesterday. And she got them ALL right. (She's five, so we figured she'd be all mixed up!)
She was even double right on one of them...We did the one that's like, "Say boast five times fast!" She did. And then we said, "What do you put in a toaster?" Her response?

"Bread...and waffles!"

What can I say? Girl's a genius.



  1. wow. so smart! and adorable too! i just did the silk one to my husband and he said milk! haha

  2. Ha! I STILL fall for those, and I am 30! She is a DOLL!

  3. Every story you tell about Chloe ALWAYS makes me laugh. She sounds so precious and funny.

  4. I ALWAYS fail myself on that game. Yet, a five year old gets through it so easily. Shame on me >.<

  5. oh, this is so adorable! I'm not sure I would get all these correct either! such a smartie!

  6. Hahaha aw, adorable! I totally get tricked when I try that! Haha.

  7. so smart! i think if i asked the kids i worked with the same question, one would say "what's a toaster?" and the other would say, "ayyyyeeeeeeee??!!" also, henry's nursery is painted almost that exact shade of turquoise. love it!


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