Friday, August 6, 2010

the newest love of my life.

Josh and I have been searching high and low for the perfect new addition to our little family. Since moving to Springfield, Swarley (our dachshund) has been incredibly lonely, as far as doggy company goes. At my parents' house, where she lived before, she was an outside dog. She had tons of dog friends and was free to run and roam as she pleased. Obviously it's a little different here, so she's been pretty antsy.

We've been looking every single day, trying to find the perfect pet. Finally, a couple of nights ago, I found these really beautiful Australian Shepherd puppies on Craigslist. I talked to Josh about it, but when the lady emailed me back about them, she said they were all gone. I was pretty sad about it. Then today, she emailed me again and told me one had to be returned because a woman's son was allergic. Josh and I called and met to pick him up right away!

He's absolutely beautiful! I'm so excited about him. He's very sweet, calm, and collected. They're super smart, loyal dogs, too. I just love him to pieces already!

He's a red tri australian shepherd. He's white, dark brown, with little light brown patches here and there. And he has an adorable baby pink and brown nose. Oh, and my favorite part! He has the most striking green/blue eyes. Like I said, totally beautiful. 

He was nameless all evening long. I just couldn't think of a name that fit him. At all. I don't like typical dog type names. I always name pets human names. So I was having a tough time. Then, I read a blog over at 4 Ladies and a Patient Man, and someone had asked, "What would you have named boys if you'd had them?" And Melissa listed off a couple of names, one being, "Miloh." I was like, that's his name! It's perfect! So I asked if it would be okay if I stole it. It was. : ) So, Miloh he is. 

He and Swarley are...adjusting. She is very excited about him. Always all over him, never stopping. He gets pretty annoyed by her. So we're trying to let them get to know each other, but definitely monitoring it. She'll definitely regret it when he's older, though. Probably in just a couple of weeks even! He's only seven weeks old and he's already a bit bigger than she is. 

Oh, there's Swarley, by the way! She's all grown up now. We love her. I suppose she will have to grow on Miloh a little. He's not quite feeling the Swarley vibe yet. It'll happen eventually!

Also, sorry for the really poor quality photos! I don't have a camera currently, so I'm using Josh's iphone for now. Crossing my fingers that I can get one soon! 



  1. Oh yay!! Congrats on your new addition! Little Miloh looks so sweet!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love him! He's so so so adorable!!

  3. heck yes, i will totally take the credit of having part in naming that Ah-dorable little guy!

  4. OH goodness!! Miloh is absolutely adorable!!


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