Monday, August 9, 2010


**DISCLAIMER: I get really sassy in the following blog post. If you don't like sassy, don't read this.
And even though I might be a little sassy, I'm definitely not trying to be rude or mean. I just spoke 100% from the heart and said my piece. Did anyone ask for it? NOPE. Is this my blog where I'm free to write about whatever I please? YEP. I wanted to vent, and this is my platform.


I'll be honest, I don't read Danielle -aka- Biscuit's blog. I'm not even sure exactly how I stumbled upon her latest blog post, entitled "Bloody Biscuit." The point is, I read it. And I have some feelings about that. And since this is my blog, and I can post about whatever I want and do whatever I want, even if it so happens to be on your "Top Ten Blogging Pet Peeves" list...I'm going to post my feelings about that blog post. If this makes you decide to quit following me or never read my blog again or send me hate mail...Can't wait.

First of all, I'm kind of thinking that a bunch of people who read that, and thought or said, "I agree with 90% of that! YOU'RE SO HYSTERICAL."....didn't actually agree with 90% of that. Most likely some of you were afraid that she was referring to you. And then you read every single blog post you've ever written and analyzed yourself and wondered if you possibly fit into the Top Ten "No-No" list. 
Which brings me to my next point...Some of you read that and possibly felt a little like I do. Like: WTF?
And some of you read that and proceeded to defend yourself to her in the comments section. Ummmm. WHY? You do realize that your blog is YOURS and if someone doesn't like what you're posting about that's their issue? And hey, why is it even an issue?

If someone doesn't like that you happen to want to show everyone your new nail polish or shoes...Too bad. Even if you only eat cupcakes twice a year, but you think they're really pretty and you want to talk about them 24/7, go for it. Did you think that your outfit was super cute today, yesterday, and the day before yesterday? Did it make you happy? POST AWAY. Do you happen to know that a blogger you really enjoy loves a certain animal or something? Did you once see something that reminded you of that blogger in a store? Are you just a generally kind person who decided, 'hey! that might just make someone's day.' And you bought a fellow blogger a gift? HEAVEN FORBID. just kidding! MORE POWER TO YOU. Is someone teaching an online course about something they love, that they do for living, that they MAKE BANK with? Do you want to learn something, be excited about something, and add something to your "stick to what i'm good at" list? Oh, it costs $60? NOOO. just kidding, spend $100 if that's what floats your boat and you think it's worth it! Weheartit has basically every image you could ever think of. So maybe you don't actually happen to have multiple photos of  this or that...GUESS WHO DOES: weheartit. And it's also super handy for people who don't have a camera, but want a little PIZZAZZ on their blog. PROMOTEPROMOTEPROMOTE. I don't actually know much about this hipstamatic CRAZE, but if you think hipstamatic looks super cute...well. POST AWAY. If someone wants to complain about what you're having in your giveaway, that's pretty greedy. IT'S CALLED A GIVEAWAY FOR A REASON. If someone doesn't like what you have in your GIVEAWAY they don't have to enter it. SHOOT, i'm about to have a giveaway of rocks tomorrow! One of my favorite bloggers said to only "xoxo" if you really mean I choose to go by that rule. If I really mean it, I'm gonna XOXO til my face turns blue! : ) 


My point in all this is NOT AT ALL to say it was wrong of her to post her feelings about what she hates about certain blogs. No. Promise. (Because I completely understand that if someone is doing those things, and you can see straight through's super annoying.) But if blogging about whatever someone else hates is what you love...keep doing it...because chances are someone else is reading your blog who absolutely LOVES what you're blogging about. Maybe you're their favorite blog!

Again, this isn't really so much about Biscuit and the things she doesn't like. It's about the people who felt the need to apologize because they do 7/10 of these things...or who asked if such and such was okay instead of this or that. 

It's not your fault if you love something, but it's also super popular or trendy. 

So, basically, in closing...just be who you are, and do what you love! Unless it's something really STUPID.



  1. A-freaking-men. I couldn't agree with you more. I think people should have fun with their blogs and post about whatever they want, no matter if one person throws a hissy fit about it. Viva la blogs! :]
    Xo. Mandy

  2. well said!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox hehe

  3. she irritated me too. i posted something like, "who cares? you're a trendy wannabe" or something like that.

  4. jess: yeah, i just REALLY pissed me off. not because i felt like i identified with whoever she was calling out, but just because it was so ridiculous, and like...who is she to tell people what they should or should not post? so silly!

  5. well, i read her post because i saw that she said on twitter, "this is going to offend you" so of course i was curious. i can appreciate that she said exactly what she was thinking, and i did leave a comment. however, i really like what you're saying, too. as i said in the comment to her, i will xoxo people all day long, because it's how i am in reali life, and i will certainly post happy mail because i feel like it's just one more way to say thanks to the person who sent it. that one i did take personal because i have made so many amazing friends through blogging, some of which HAVE turned into real life friends, so i absolutely think happy mail promotes real friendship. and the giveaway pet peeve, i just don't enter if i don't like it. simple.

    so, i guess we're all doing some of her pet peeves, but my feeling is, if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to look. having said that, i still have no idea how cupcakes got so popular and i won't ever post about them (just my ice cream)!

  6. danielle, i completely agree with you! especially about the blog friends thing. the bonds people form are really special! and just shutting them down completely was kind of rude. hmm. um. yay ice cream posts! : )

  7. This post just convinced me that you're completely worth following, and it's only the first one I've read.
    I'm looking forward to reading some more.

  8. Lydia! i have been a horrible blogger friend lately, but i just had to read this post..and then go read the one you were talking about. i completely agree with you 100%. i have found myself doing a lot of those things, and other days i find myself irritated with other things that people blog about, but then i remember, that a blog is a blog. and the best part about blogs is that we can do whatever the hell we want on them. and when someone makes a list like that, when probably 90% of the readers have posted something in her list? it makes me sad. i don't get why people have to intentionally list things they hate when they know it will upset people.

    (i see people do this on facebook all the time.. like "eww. people who like so and so's music? just eww. get some taste" (i have seen that one before)and (ew. i hate when people constantly update on here about how great their hubby is. just shut up. no one cares" ( okay really? obviously the people that post about that are on your friends list and are going to see that? why say that?!?!) anyway.. i got off on a tangent..back to my comment..

    but then i remember that it is their blog, and they can do whatever they want on it. but then i just think to myself, "guess i won't be stopping by that blog anymore." there is a difference between being honest and just out right mean. and i am so happy you caught that in her post, and didn't decided to apologize and change they way you blog because of it. you are darling girl. and i think we could totally be bff's in real life :) you have always been so sweet to me. so thank you! hope you have a great day girly! thanks for posting this!

  9. I just read her post and commented myself - and totally admitted that I am guilty of the cupcake thing because that is who I am and what I love - I get that some people may not like it, but whatevs:) It's my blog - just like I said I loved her honesty, because it's her blog. And just like I love your honesty, too - because this is your blog and your space to share your thoughts and feelings! You rock.

  10. You're all such great girls.
    And I really hope that you see that my point in this was really in no way an attack at HER.
    I promise that!
    I just want everyone to realize it's OKAY to like certain things and be certain things and do whatever!
    And I love that you guys are sharing how you felt about it all too. :)

  11. I commented "Thanks for making me want to be myself".
    Because I do some of the things that annoy her (I leave kisses at the end of comments, and someone else commented that it's a British thing and she should just accept the cultural difference!).

    Both your posts have inspired me to just do whatever the hell I like!
    This is the best post I've read in a while love, get on your soapbox whenever you like!

    Here are my British kisses! xxx

  12. Well said. I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for posting this.

    I was a little surprised because I can't think of a single blog I follow that doesn't do any of those things!

    I say blog about whatever you want because it's going to be YOU who wants to go back and read it someday. Not everyone else.

  13. The best part of that chicks post was she was trying to go for the shock value. I can see thru her. She just wants to be cool. Her freaking blog has hipstamatic pictures all over it. She was looking for controversy, but its hilarious that people were so worried about pleasing her to even fight back.

  14. Lydia, I like this. And I like you.

    I never said I wasn't guilty of those things, I said they drive me nuts. I didn't blame anyone for doing those things, they just bug me.

    My blog post bugged people.... that's fine. People bug the hell out of me, and you know what. That's fine too. Everyone is different.

    Just ask yourself. Why did it bug you so much? Because I was honest? Because I was truthful?
    Why did people think it was about them? Because it was? Or because people care too much about what others think....

    Eh... regardless. I never TOLD people what to be. :) For serious.

  15. I like this post.. a lot. so much in fact, just after reading this one post, I'm following your blog. I agree with what you said..completely.totally.utterly. agree.
    xoxo (until I turn blue),
    P.S I actually have xoxo tattooed on my wrist under a panda :P

  16. Lydia, can I again say how much I love this post? :P
    I wouldn't worry too much about what she has to say. It seems like every month she is trying to start new drama in the blog world. I've dealt with her in real life and in the blog world and she is an effing train wreck. Constantly talking about others behind their backs and being extremely rude.
    I applaud you on your honesty and for standing up for the bloggers that she attacked.
    You kick ass, girl! :]
    XOXO. mandy

  17. Lydia, I agree with you 100% .. after reading the last few posts on her blog (I've been a follower for months) I've decided to stop reading. While I enjoyed her honest writing, I got very tired of the ridiculously dramatic posts that seem to be meant to hurt certain people or make her look cool for "having the courage to say whatever she wants." 
    In my opinion (and I'm really not trying to be bitchy-This is just my personal opinion about her BLOG. I don't know danielle personally and I'm not criticizing her as a person.. just what she chooses to post on her blog and twitter) posts like that do not make her seem like nice person. It's hypocritical to say on your blog that you can say whatever you want ...leave if you dont like it (and so on...) and then go on to criticize what other people post on their blogs.. People should post whatever makes them happy without having to worry that it's a pet peeve of some angry stranger.
    I've been trying to rid my life of excess negativity. People who are miserable or mean or inconsiderate or whatever... I have no room for them in my life anymore. After following danielle for many months I've taken a step back and asked myself why am I following someone who comes off so negative? Does she seem like someone I'd be friends with? Probably not. 
    I'm a firm believer in doing what makes you happy and blogging about what makes you happy. I agree with Danielle about what she said about posting something to 'copy' or try to look like a more popular blog, but for a different reason. Just because I think people should be true to themselves.. Don't stress about originality, just be yourself!  ... but I tend to keep my personal thoughts about others to myself and maybe my boyfriend. I wouldn't usually  blog about or post a comment like this because you can never convey the right tone and I'm really not trying to be hurtful - again I don't know her personally and hate to cause drama. I just wanted to let you know I agree and share my thoughts :)
    Danielle, if you read this: no offense, really. Your blog just isn't for me. Keep doing what makes you the happiest.
    -xo cait

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  19. Cait, well said and very true. Way too much drama in my opinion, everyone should just post what makes them happy and not worry about pleasing others. Your blog is your personal way of expressing yourself, and if someone is not happy with what you post about then why the hell are they reading and making such a big deal out of it in the first place? I read certain blogs because I like them....if I don't like them then I move on but I don't make these big dramatic posts about everything I hate about certain bloggers. And I certainly wouldn't word the blog post so that everyone can figure out who it is I'm referring to, that is more than rude. It was very easy to figure out certain people she was referring to and I'm sure that didn't make those people feel too good about themselves...whether that was intentional or not I don't know, but it certainly wasn't very nice.

    Lyds, thanks for the post....your blog is cute and I'm now following :)

  20. I follow biscuit on Twitter n read her blog every once in a while. But my gosh! I don't want to read negativity! You're right, you can post whatever you want on your blog, but sheesh! I kind of like everything she unliked. Ha!

  21. Being mean and calling it truth is just being mean. I'm glad you called her out and obviusly she didn't like being called out. If you don't like what certain bloggers do, stop following them, block them so it removes them from your list and move on with your life. I bet she doesn't say those things in person people like that don't. Their chicken.

  22. Just so we are all clear, I have no issues with being "called out" and I don't think that is what she was doing here. She was pointing out that regardless of the way I feel you should still do what makes you happy. I couldn't agree more.

    I never said they were my "rules"... I said they were pet peeves. Just things that bug me.

    When people like Mandy start talking, she thinks I'm talking about her. She is so far from the truth because I don't follow her blog.

    It was never about pointing fingers, it was about telling people to be original.

  23. i love this lydia! it's so awesome that you will tell people how you feel like that. i actually like most of those things and find them cute/inspiring/fun.<3

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Danielle is right. I wasn't really trying to call HER out, more the people who felt like they had to cater to her, and who felt guilty because they do those things. Which I don't think is how she really meant to make people feel.

    I hope you guys know that my intentions were not meant to hurt HER or anything, not any one direct person. I'm not like that, and I wouldn't do that.


  26. hahah, unless it's something really stupid. hahaha, oh, lydia.

    i loved that though. it's so true though! blogs are how people represent themselves! you can't tell people how they should be, you can only choose what to read. i mean, duhh. you can only choose for yourself.

    and you are brilliant. and i love that you xoxo only if you mean it. and in that case: XOXOX

  27. Hmmm,
    When I first read Danielle's post I was like "ya, most of those things bug me too" and I commented pretty much that.
    THEN I read this post and I take back that comment.
    If people want to blog about stuff--they should do it.
    If they want to be the next elsie--whatever.
    I really enjoyed reading this post, and I think you are a great writer!

  28. Okay, just to clear things up from my end. Not once have I ever said/thought that Danielle's post was all about me, nor did I ever say that she reads my blog. Honestly, I don't know if she reads my blog [if she does, great. if she doesn't, that's great too] and I don't really see what the point of that statement is. All I was doing was posting my opinion on the situation just like everyone else, which I have every right to do.

    I'm sorry if my comments were too strong, but Danielle's post really pissed me off. It was so sad to see so many awesome bloggers apologizing to her and changing their blogging style when they had done nothing wrong.

    I urge everyone to post about whatever the hell they want to post about and to not let one person make you feel bad about it. It's YOUR blog, not Danielle's, and you should feel free and confident to post about anything and everything.
    Over and out. :] -Mandy

  29. I think maybe people should keep their "pet peeves" to themselves.

    Why not post about all the things you love about blogging?

    I'll also admit that a lot of the things she complained about were a little ridiculous.

  30. THANK YOU! exactly what I thought!

  31. Honestly I agree with both of you. I have plenty of blog pet peeves that tend to bother me. However that is that person's blog. They should be able to post whatever they want without having to feel guilty about what they are posting or worrying about if it fits into what their reader likes. Yes the little trends annoy me but I'm not going to sit there and tell people, the way you blog basically irritates me. If I don't like a blog I simply won't follow/read it. Its that simple. So in a sense I agree with both of you.

    Also I love blogs about cupcakes. I love cupcakes, whether its a fad or not haha! <3

  32. thank you, you just gained a follower.

  33. I love this and I couldn't agree more. Following.....

  34. Thank you for this. I had a really hard time reading biscuit's post, but putting into words why was quite a struggle for me. You've captured everything perfectly. Consider me your newest follower!

  35. i love this post and i love that buscuit loves this post. when i read buscuits "bloody biscuit" post i laughed. i have done or do do a lot of what she said, but she's following me anyway! its easy to get annoyed in the blogger world, but just because something annoys you, doesn't mean its going to annoy another person.
    all danielle did, was share her feelings and that's all. if there was anyone that was offened by it they had no reason to be.

    thanks for posting this.
    you rock.

  36. Was I the only one who caught her (Biscuts) pre-statement:
    so, while this biscuit is TOTALLY surfing the crimson wave... i have all of these emotions about blogging

    was she on her "monthly cycle"????

    nuff said....
    if these things offend her she just needs to stop reading them..easy sense in hurting anyone.. I agree continue what you love to post that is our American Freedom of choice to write what we feel....She has turned this into a mountain and she doesn't deserve all this attention...

    just saying..................

  37. Danielle's post made me laugh, so I am a new follower of hers. I think it is good that she spoke out about her opinions...she's supposed's her blog. I also think that anyone doing these ten things should keep on doing them, because it's their blog. Isn't that the whole point of blogging. It's about you. I love this post. I am a new follower now. :)

  38. yes anonymous. if you are still reading. that's for sure what it meant.

    i didn't post it to get attention. i posted it because it's my blog.

    if it offended you, then follow your own advice and don't read. :) easy enough.


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