Tuesday, August 10, 2010

she lives in a room on the "tippy-top floor."

One girl who inspires me very, very much is Eloise. It's too bad that she is fictitious and all, because I think we would make dear friends. She's bold, daring, silly, creative, and absolutely one of the funniest people. "Eloise" is actually one of my favorite books, of all books. I only discovered the book a few months ago, and I was so shocked that it was as cute and fun as it is. This is because the made for television movies made the story seem to me like it was about some spoiled, bratty child. (Although, I only gathered this from commercials.)

All of the "Eloise" books were on sale for $5. I wish now that I'd bought them all! But I ended up only buying the first one. "For Chloe." (Puh-lease. It's totally mine.) 

Recently I found out that the books are well over fifty years old, which I find sort of incredible. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I just don't think that style of writing was as prevalent back then, and I actually believe that Kay Thompson sort of created it. If you haven't read the books, I recommend them. They will make you laugh. Promise! : )

The point of this post is to share with you all my complete, total, utter excitement. The plaza hotel just released "The Eloise Suite" for use. And who designed it? None other than the beautiful, equally inspiring, Betsey Johnson. It's completely precious! See for yourself:

I know it's not the most informative picture, but hello...BJ designed it and this picture is cute enough. I'm just going to assume the rest of the suite is just as lovely. 

In closing, if someone would like to donate $1000 so I can spend a measly one night there...that'd be grand.


"You have to eat oatmeal, or you'll dry up. Anybody knows that."


  1. hahha, $1000 for one night? ahhh. gosh, oh, i've never read eloise, but she reminds me of amelia bedelia, who was one of my favorites!

    and you know the honey trees too? i feel like we've gone down a similar path regarding the internet...hahh, if that makes sense. but coury combs, the honey trees & now the world of blogging? i'm so glad we finally found each other. <3

    ohhh, and i'm so jealous that you live in the same town as elsie & her new store! ahh, i would LOVE to come stay with you!

  2. I've never read Eloise. But I do know who BJ is and I love her designs!

    Very awesome! :)

  3. haha, "if someone would like to donate $1000 so i can spend one measly night there, that'd be GRAND."
    i love puns.
    aaaaand dad jokes.
    aaaaaaaaaand i'm out.

  4. oh eloise! some of the grandest of the grand when it comes to... what is it? children's literature?
    my relatable children's literature chacter is Fancy Nancy.


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