Monday, August 9, 2010


{my 18th birthday}
(clockwise: Hannah, Leah, Amy, Me, Carrie, Kanwal.)

My mom found this picture tonight. Oh my goodness, the memories. A lot, a lot a lot, has changed since then. For starters, I don't have black hair anymore. (And never will again.) Then there are the deeper things...I'm married. Carrie now lives in Sweden with her boyfriend Jacob. I've drifted apart from a couple of people. Gotten to know one a little better. Some things have stayed the same...Leah and Carrie always have been, and will always be, two of my best friends in the entire universe. We're all still ridiculously silly and fun. 

I miss times like these and my girlfriends. I can't wait for Carrie to come visit, hopefully this Christmas, and part of next summer. I need lots of girl time with Leah. I want to spend time with her and Hannah, too. I wish I'd visited with Kanwal more than just briefly at my wedding. I wish I still knew Amy. Things like this picture remind me that growing up is weird. Real weird.



  1. Isn't it so weird how things change? I was just talking to one of my oldest friends tonight and thought how weird it was that we've known each other our whole lives but aren't as close as we used to be anymore.

    Things like boyfriends/husbands, jobs and a million other things come up and all of a sudden you barely know someone. Definitely weird.

  2. Ashley, I know!
    Sometimes it's pretty sad. : (
    But I guess that's sometimes a way of knowing who your real friends are!

  3. Your name is Lydia...My name is Lydia...yay for Lydia!

    On the note of this blog: changes are so strange. I am facing that now as I am getting married soon. And my dearest friend is moving to TX. It is all very surreal.


  4. Lydia...I'm Lydia Joy's mom...Lydia is a great name, that's why I named her Lydia, your mother has good taste. =>

    About changes, goodness gracious I wish sometimes I could put the world on hold. But if change isn't happening stagnation will.


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