Thursday, July 22, 2010

I just couldn't wait! So I'm making it happen.

Zooey! Mary-Kate, Ashley! 
SO NICE of you guys to join us. Seriously.
In case you're wondering what they're drinking to...
it's my 100TH POST!
I didn't want to just waste this bad boy on any old post.
I had to make it a very special post all of its own. 

So, I got this idea from this cute lady when she did this neat post.
(oh, and whoever totally ruined her 100 followers ALL IN THE SAME're gross.)
And I decided that I was going to do this same thing when I did my "100th post" post.
If you read it all, you're really neat and I love you.
If you don't...well, you're still pretty neat and I still probably love you. :)

1. For those of you who don't know, my name is Lydia.

2. But I also go by Lyds and Lyddie.

3. I'm 20 years old.

4. I have been married to my BFFL for almost two months.

5. We now reside in Springfield, MO. (If you're ever here, come see me!)

6. I have 5 little brothers and sisters. 

7. Tori, Hannah, Paul, Scott, and Chloe!

8. Oh, and I also have two little brothers that I just recently found out about and have never met.

9. River and Devon!

10. This is because I haven't seen my biological father since I was about 9. 
And we hadn't spoken in about as long.
And we only recently struck up contact again!

11. Oh, and duh! I also have another sister! My sister-in-law, Kristen.

12. I want to be a renowned children's author.

13. I will be a children's author. Hopefully renowned, too! 

14. Josh is going to teach me to play guitar soon, and I really can't wait.

15. I have two most embarrassing moments. The first one is especially tragic.

16. When I was in 2nd grade, the entire class was sitting in a group altogether in the floor for reading time. I farted in front of everyone. My teacher started laughing really hard. Like, not just a little giggle. She was doubled over. And this kid named Dakota was like, "Was that you?" And I hit him in the face with my pencil, and I was like, "Ew. NO." 
And this kid named Adam was all, "IT SOUNDED LIKE A ROBOT." whatever that means...
And I told my two best friends that it was me during recess.
And they told everyone that it was this kid named Dalton that was kind of annoying.

17. I blogged about this one, but it was the time that I was at Hastings with Josh, Boyd, and Trey and I was running from Josh and there was a man crouched in the floor and I tripped over him and fell on top of him. AWESOME.

18. I also want to learn the ukulele.

19. I have diagnosed OCD. It's the worst!

20. I love handclaps.

21. I want at least two children. 

22. I have a really good memory. Like, impeccable.

23. I'm a huge crybaby. I cry during lots of commercials.
I cry if something is even slightly happy, sweet, exciting.
And I cry if something is even a little sad.

24. I once had the "Monroe" piercing, but then it grew into my face and I had to go to the doctor and have it removed. I miss it.

25. I've recently gotten really into "Murder, She Wrote" again.

26. I used to watch it with my grandpa when I was little.
We also watched "Columbo" together.
My grandpa was a detective and he was really neat.

27. Speaking of detectives and mystery writers. 
I wouldn't mind being one of those, too.

28. I used to think I was black. 
This is NOT meant to be racist.
But we all know those white girls that act like a stereotypical black girl.
And I was one of them.

29. My first kiss was this boy named Todd. It was at the skating rink, inside the fun plex.
It was really embarrassing and awkward, because all of our friends were trying to watch.

30. I didn't kiss another boy until I was 16 because I was afraid I would be bad at it.
I avoided kissing like the plague.
Then I kissed this boy named Tyler at a music festival.
And it turned out I wasn't half bad. Decent. 

31. Oh, Todd was also the first boy I said "I love you." to. HOW PRECIOUS. I was ten.

32. After Todd, I was "going out" with his best friend, Jamie. 
(I was obviously a player.)
Once, over the phone, he told me loved me.
I said, "Thank you." and hung up on him.
In case you were wondering, I've never been awkward. Ever.

33. While we're on the subject of boys! There was this brief period where I only dated boys in bands.
Not purposefully.
It just happened.

34. I worked in a grocery store for three years.

35. I now know every fruit and vegetable code.
Thanks, Kroger! I'd be lost without you.

36. I met one of my two best guy friends at Kroger. He worked in the fuel center.
We were basically best friends after the first night we spoke.

37. My other best friend is Zach. He likes really neat stuff.
We're basically music/movie twins.

38. I'm currently trying to lose about 30 pounds.

39. I have really small fingernails.

40. I used to bite my toenails when I was little.  : )

41. My favorite vegetable is potatoes. I try to eat them like, at least once a day. 

42. But really, I like all vegetables a lot. 
Except I don't really like green beans.

43. And the only food that I absolutely REFUSE to eat is green bean casserole.
Well, the only food I've tried that I will never eat again.

44. This is because it makes me throw up. And I'm talking literally.
My mom always made us eat foods that we said we hated when we were little kids. 
Because, hello. You have to eat your vegetables!
But the first time she made that, I refused to eat it.
Then she made me.
Then I threw up.
In your face, Mom!
(That sounded like I meant I threw up in her face. No.)

45. I do this thing for my best friend, Leah, where I start fake laughing really loud and maniacally. 
It turns into a real laugh that is really ridiculous.
And it makes her and pretty much anyone we're with when I do it start laughing, too.

46. I'm obviously a RIOT.

47. Oh. Sometimes I talk in caps a lot. This basically started with my friend, Abby.
When I talk in caps, I'm not yelling.
I'm talking in an exaggerated, diva, sassy voice. Usually.
Sometimes I might be yelling.
IT'S BASICALLY A GUESSING GAME. (guess which that was!)

48. This video makes my life:

49. I took four years of French and barely remember a thing. 

50. I want to be a nanny right now.

51. My legs and feet fall asleep really easily.

52. I think I have arthritis in my knees and ankles.

53. I broke my caffeine addiction.

54. I really want to own a cupcakery.

55. That just reminded me that DC Cupcakes is on tomorrow.
If I forget, I'll just die.

56. I'm pretty good at girl-pushups.

57. My favorite tv shows are "The Office."

58. and "How I Met Your Mother."

59. and "Glee."

60. and more, but my brain is slipping.

61. Speaking of Glee, when people sing really beautifully it makes me cry.

62. I miss theatre.

63. I'm trying to get into lucid dreaming.

64. I'm always cold.

65. I think that pink pop ice tastes like soap.

66. I hate grape flavored anything. Even the smell.

67. I love playing poker. 

68. I have icky feet.

69. Seriously, my toes look like fingers. 

70. Josh and I bought a pomeranian puppy a few weeks ago and we sold him a couple days ago.
I never told you guys about him, because...well, because we hated him.
He was basically the devil.

71. My friend Hannah told me about this time when we were little kids when she got made fun of for liking Hanson, and she said I comforted her, and told her I liked Hanson too, and that it was totally okay. nice was I?
Hanson would be proud.

72. When Hannah and I were little (first grade) we were friends with this girl, Brittany Herman.
The three of us had a Beach Boys cover band.
And by this I mean we sang the song "Barbara Ann" all the time on the playground.
But we only knew this part,
"Barbara Ann, won't you please take my hand?
You got me rockin and a-reelin Barbara Ann.
Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Barbara Ann."
We were going places.

73. When Leah and I were little kids we didn't like each other.
Our parents were friends with the same people, and this one night we were all hanging out.
Leah said this to me that night:
"You wore THAT to school?"

74. I'm not very good at this fact thing.

75. I had a pet squirrel when I was little for about 3 days or something.

76. I also had two pet pigs, Arnold and Molly.

77. I miss Chloe.

78. Bear guts. Whale brains. Dinosaur tongue.

79. I'm afraid of too many things.

80. My favorite number is 7.

81. I want to be a Loralei Gilmore kind of mother. Witty banter included.

82. I will be 21 in 8 months.

83. I'm running out of facts!

84. My favorite directors are Wes Andersen and the Coen Brothers.

85. I really want to watch Ugly Betty right now.


87. My favorite tv show of all time is actually "Arrested Development."
Josh refuses to watch it with me, even though he's never seen it.
He thinks it's "only about a boat."
Because this one time his roommate tried to watch it (hated it) and only watched the first episode.
which takes place on a boat.

88. I love hardwood floors.

89. I can't believe I'm almost done.

90. I'm really excited for Janel's art journaling class.

91. Oh, speaking of that, I'm also really excited for them to bring their baby home!
Help bring Pita home. :)

92. I have a really big crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Major.

93. I'm thinking about taking up running.

94. When I paint my nails I always scrape it off.

95. I really like blogging and all the neat people I've met through it.

96. I ate my weight in cherries today.

97. I want a sewing machine really bad.

98. And to learn to sew.

99. Oh, and I still need someone to teach me to crochet!

100. 100! Yay! The next time I reach the big 1-0-0, (100 followers) I won't be doing this. 
You're welcome! :)
But I WILL be doing a giveaway for followers of the blog!
I can't wait!
21 people to go. 

Thanks to all my super cute readers.
I love you.


  1. i loved all your facts!

    happy 100th post!!

  2. congratulations! i love arrested development too and Josh's comment about it is hilarious!!!

  3. Fun! What a good idea and congrats on your 100th post!

    Your embarrassing stories made me laugh so hard. I could probably do a 100 list of just my embarrassing moments alone. So it's always nice to hear other people's stories! :)

  4. Woohoo! Congrats Lydia! PS that first photo, of Zooey, is amazing! She's such a classy lady! :]

  5. I hate cherry flavoured anything.
    And you had a pet squirrel?
    My boyfriend had a pet rock when he was younger.
    And he would try to feed it chips.
    And he made it a little pen to live in out of lego.

    I am a crier also! I am re-reading the Harry Potter books right now so last night it was, "Lauren, why are you crying?"
    "Because Dumbledore's DEAD! AGAIN!"

    Har har. x

  6. Haha, I loved this. You are too funny! I know that the most embarrassing stories may not be meant to be funny...but I couldn't stop giggling. Tripping over a person? Something I would totally do.

    Oh and I totally want a pet pig! I almost had my mom convinced to get me one for my birthday this year...but instead I got a sewing machine! Both would have been good, but I'm pretty excited about the sewing machine.

  7. Oh, congrats! Loved the 100! Tell your hubby that Arrested Development is one of the best shows EVER! :)

  8. Happy 100 posts! :) I totally read all of those! Haha. Oh man, I have wayy to many embarrassing moments to list! Be lucky you only have two! I also now have Barbara Ann stuck in my head. Oh and my body (not just my legs and feet, but my arms and my back even!) fall asleep so easily too. I thought it was because I have really bad circulation, but aren't people who have bad circulation always cold? I'm always SO hot. Ugh. Uncomfortably hot! Stupid side effect of the pills I'm on... it's frustrating! Haha.

    (PS. People think my boyfriend looks like Joseph Gorden Levitt! And Heath Ledger. I don't see it?)

  9. this made me laugh out loud like four times! thanks for that! :)

  10. you are so cute!!!

  11. these facts are all too cute! i feel like i totally "know" you now! :) the video made me die laughing! happy 100th post!!!

  12. this is amazing.

    i agree with so many of these things. speaking of #92 (joseph gordon levitt), have you seen this?

    and thank you for the lovely & kind comment on my blog, by the way.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. i love it! thanks for the shout out lady ;)

    it is hard to come up with 100 things! and i totally can't wait for you to become a children's author!


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