Saturday, July 24, 2010

30 Day Fitness Challenge: Update.

This is me being sad and disappointed, because as the picture states...
I have been a "lazy bones jones."
There's no other way to put it, really!
Honestly, I'm not even sure off the top of my head what day I'm on. 
That's really lame to me.

Before Josh and I moved I was working out everday, as hard as I could, for as long as I could.
And I really loved it!
It feels so good to put in a nice workout.
Then, the day before we moved was filled with packing and cleaning.
I was up until 3 a.m. working on that stuff alone.
I didn't put in a workout that day, but I didn't feel that bad about it, because I knew I'd get a good one in the next day. 

Then, the next day came, and I didn't do much.
We drove 4 hours to our new home, spent the day unpacking and getting settled in.
I told myself that was my workout because we live on the 4th floor with no elevator.
I was carrying so much stuff up and down. So I let that slide. 

The day after that, my in-laws came to town to bring us our furniture.
So my day was spent doing that, and just hanging out. 
I had forgotten my shoes at my in laws house, so I was glad to have those back and knew I'd start doing something the next day.

The next day came, and I didn't have socks. 
So obviously I couldn't wear my shoes without socks. Right?
Mhmm. (My eyes are rolling. I could've done something!)

The day after that I was fed up. And I was sick of not working out.
So I actually did do a little bit on this day.
I worked out for maybe fifteen minutes.
Five minutes doing a workout on Netflix that I hated.
Then doing some ab workouts and girl pushups.
That was Thursday.
And I haven't worked out since then. Today is Saturday.

I'm not really sure what exactly is wrong...
My body wants a workout!
But my brain just won't listen to her.
It's embarrassing to tell you guys this.
Really, it is.
Because I never wanted this to be like this.
I know we all have our slip-ups, but it's really frustrating, because I never want to fall back into my old ways. Never again!

My eating hasn't been that great, either.
Some days it's okay, some days it's great, some days it's atrocious.
It's so back and forth, up and down.
I hate to be letting myself down.
And there's this nagging question, "Then why don't you just stop?"
I'd love to know the answer.
I see myself going to get something to eat when I'm not even really hungry, or just eating because Josh is, or because I'm bored, or this or that. 
And I don't really know why.
I can hear myself saying, "Sure, I'll have some."
Even when I'm telling myself, You don't even really want any...
I have a hard time saying no. 

And another thing that's standing in my way, and part of the problem, is that I'm on a really horrible schedule right now.
It comes from not having a job currently, or any real demands.
Lately, I never wake up before noon, sometimes sleeping til 2 p.m.
That is insane! I hate sleeping late.
And it's throwing off my eating and working out, too.
Mostly my eating. Example:
I slept til 2 yesterday.
Awhile after I woke up, Josh got pizza, and I ate some.
I didn't for hours, and then I had some cherries.
Didn't eat for a long time, then I had a couple of bites of this nasty nacho stuff Josh made.
And even though I wanted real food, how did I end my night?
We made cupcakes and I ate two.
W T F. Really?

It's such a weird feeling to watch myself make these mistakes and just sit back and let it happen.
Like, I look at myself, and feel infuriated.
And then I just continue to add to the problem.
And I know that I can workout every single day, and eat super healthy, but when it comes down to it the real changes are going to start to happen when I finally discover what makes me act in this self-destructive way. 
I need a serious Jillian moment. 

I really hope that in the next few days I can do another update post that is actually on the level of where I want to be. 
Because this certainly not it.


  1. Oh my gosh I am feeling the same way! I am seriously lacking some motivation right now. I was sick for a few days so I let it slide but now that I'm feeling better I just don't want to do it! It is frustrating and annoying because I know that if I want to change I have to make myself do it. (Thank you Jillian! Ha)

    Glad that I'm not the only one feeling this way right now!

  2. I know how you feel I swear the hardest part about working out is JUST GETTING OUT THERE!! You can do it. What has helped me is having my hubby run with me ... we both hold each other accountable and motivate each other ... you can also sign up for a race or set a goal. Sending you a hug and again, don't be too hard on yourself!!! XO

  3. I am planning on doing my own type of challenge and right now I haven't started mainly because my friends are in town visiting me (i know, excuses) but my first goal is to get ALL BAD FOOD out of the house that way I don't even have it to eat it. No temptation means no slip ups! Or at least thats what I am hoping. A little suggestion is you should look into volunteers with the humane society where you live, here where I live they let you walk the dogs, that could be a work out or get you started again =)

  4. My whole issue with working out is just STARTING. All I want to do is sleep a little longer, watch a little more TV, read a few more pages of my book... I can find every excuse to put it off till before I know it the day is over. HATE that.

  5. Oh girlfriend, I hear ya. Its not that I dont WANT to work out, its just where do I find the freaking time?! I'm not a morning person so getting up early is out, and by the time I get home from work the last thing I want to do is hit the gym.

    But I agree, something's gotta give. I need to motivate myself better.

  6. Oh girl, you have had a rough few days - don't beat yourself up for not working out! Moving can be so hectic and crazy! I think everyone goes through spurts like that!!! You will get back on the horse soon enough, when you're ready!

  7. At least you're aware of what you should be doing. That's a great place to start. Keep after yourself and set small goals and you will get there.

    I read that to get started, put on your workout gear. You'll feel silly sitting there in it without doing something.

  8. you are beautiful. i honestly believe you can do anything your heart desires, so be true to yourself, and things will work out.
    best of luck
    xo chelsea


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