Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wishlist wednesday.

In light of moving into our new apartment, I decided to dedicate this edition of WW to things I'd like to have in our new home. 
Some of which I plan/hope to see here soon. 

I'm so in love with all of these pretties!
So, um, donations are happily accepted and greatly appreciated. 



  1. i want the coat rack, shower curtain, lamp and bedding! i seriously want those things big time! i was actually going to make curtains for my dinig room like that shower curtain after i saw it on the uo website a while back, but i decided i was too lazy to do all of those ruffles!

  2. I love the ruffle shower curtain and the dog on the lamp is dangerously close to looking like a naturally I am in love! Can't wait to see more photos of your new apartment! Congrats!

  3. danielle, you should totally make them! sooo cute.
    chelsey, ME TOO.
    meghan, thanks girl! i love that dog, too. so adorable.

  4. LOVE that shower curtain!! I have to have it!! I wonder if I can convince the hubby that we need it....hmmmm....
    Your place is going to be gorgeous, can't wait for pics!!

  5. Urban Outfitters is SO BAD FOR MY WALLET. I have bought so much stuff from them since the mister and I have moved into our new place. It's just so pretty.

  6. That shower curtain is amazing!

  7. Liz, MINE TOO. but i just can't help myself!

    Meghan, right?! i need it. so much. they also have a matching laundry bag, which is just too cute, in my opinion.


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