Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Las Vegas, Part 2.

We're moving to Vegas!
On July 8, we'll officially call this city our new home.
We've been apartment hunting the past couple of days, and today we found our very first home!
We drove out pretty far to look at some apartments that ended up being very nice, but the lease was way too long of a commitment, so we decided to let it go.
On our way back to our hotel we spotted another nice looking building and went to check them out.
We loved them!
After we were approved and we were walking out to the car, Josh had the funniest look on his face.
It was so cute, and I asked him why he was making that face.
"This is our first home. In Vegas. And I'm just excited. And now I'm embarrassed." 

It's a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom with hardwood floors in the kitchen and bathroom, which we really love.
There's a cute little balcony.
It's the perfect amount of space for Josh and I.
I'm so excited to get there and just make it our own!

I have to admit...I'm still a little nervous.
I've never really left home, so this is a huge deal for me.
We're moving to a new place where we know absolutely nobody.
All of my friends are back in Missouri.
So I'm really hoping it'll be easy to meet new, nice people.
I'm especially going to miss my brothers and sisters.
I'm really close with my youngest sister, Chloe, and not seeing her every single day is going to be tough.

But I'm really ready for this new chapter in our lives.
I believe everyone should leave home at some point.
This is my time, and as nervous as I am, I'm also very excited!


  1. oh my goodness! that's so crazy and exciting! congratulations!

  2. Oh I am so excited for you!! It will be great!!! YAY for you! xo

  3. how exciting!!! congratulations!!!!

  4. Wow! Vegas! That's so so exciting! I hope that you both have an amazing time and meet tons of sweet people out there!

  5. sending you some 1 bed/1 bath love! i was scared but it's worked out for us fine so far!! very excited for you!

  6. Hey! I live in Vegas! It's not that bad, and in a few months my bf and I will be moving into our own apartment. What part of town will you be living in?<3

  7. yay!! that's exciting! nick and i are moving from texas to california soon... I feel the same way. Super excited, but a little nervous, too. I've always lived in TX, all my friends and family are here. I'm probably most nervous about not having any close girlfriends out there. :) Such a cool adventure to start as newlyweds, though.

  8. yay! so excited for you lady! just caught up on some past posts and it looks like you're settling in quite nicely to your new role as a wifey :). you're kind of adorable.

    good luck with the move!

  9. Must be moving season. CONGRATS! Everything sounds exciting, but you will miss your sister like crazy...trust me. -k

  10. Oh wow! Congrats - what an awesome city! I positively LOVE Vegas!


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