Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hi, stranger.

So I've had this unexplained absence thing going on.
I've tried to figure out the real reason behind it and I've come to a couple of conclusions.
1.) I felt like I had absolutely nothing to say.
I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to write about.
So I didn't feel like just typing out meaningless blather.
I didn't want to write stuff like, "Today I woke up, ate breakfast, sat around, blahblahblah."
That's what my diary is for.
And I've felt so uninspired lately that it really seemed like those things are all I was doing.

2.) I started to feel like no one really cared about/was reading my blog.
Yes, diva moment.
I don't mean for it to seem that way, though.
It was just a thing like, what is the point in writing on this thing if no one is even reading it.
This sort of correlates with #1.
If I was only writing for myself, I didn't see a point in writing those things.
It's not that I want to be like, #1 blogger or something.
That's ridiculous.
If anyone reads this, please don't come away from this thinking that's the type of person I am.
Because it's not.


Yesterday I was reading blogs and when I came to my dashboard I saw I had a new follower.
I went to her page and read through the first few posts.
I saw she took part in the 30 Day Journal Challenge.
One of the topics was "Favorite Blogs."
And low and behold, there was my blog, handwritten in her journal.
It was, I guess you could say, the turning point for me.
I realized that even if only one person ever read my blog, and loved it, that should be cool.
I should be writing about things I love and admire and that inspire me...for me.

So. That's what I will do.
And if I can inspire and make peoples' days along the way...that's lovely.



  1. okay numero uno) your wedding photos on the sidebar--SWOON!

    numero dos) i feel the same way sometimes about my blog. it hurts the self esteem a little when you post your heart out and get like two comments or whatever. but i'm here to tell you that i have LOVED getting to know you through your blog, and that yours is high up on my list when i think of my favorite bloggers. you're yourself and i love that.

  2. i feel like that a lot too, i have like 4 followers and thats it :( haha. but oh well! i enjoyed seeing your wedding photos, you look beautiful! :)

  3. yeah, for real! always do it for yourself first.

    and i was reading your previous post, and i was like I LOVE READING LYDIA's BLOG. even though you're just going on about normal things & i kind of felt creepy when i said it, you're just so laid-back and honest, and it's just refreshing to read.

    i'm being honest here too, you're great! :) just keep following your heart. haha, silly, but TRUE! <3

  4. haha, i go through this EXACT thought process probably two times per month. i consider deleting my blog.
    but i always end up back at the same place. and i really do like it too much to quit. :D
    [it's nice to know someone else feels the same way.]


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