Monday, June 14, 2010

Las Vegas, Part 1.

About a week before the wedding, Josh and I decided that instead of getting an apartment for only one month, we would go on an extended trip.
We chose to go to Vegas because of cheap hotel rates.
So in Vegas we have been for almost two weeks now.

A few days before leaving we got super lucky and found this one week vacation stay at a villa resort here in Vegas for a very, very low price.
For a couple of days, we were crossing our fingers hoping everything would pan out, and it wouldn't be a scam. We went to San Diego to meet the woman selling the tickets, and upon arrival it was clear that everything was legitimate.

The stay at the villa was really wonderful.
We had a kitchen, so we didn't have to worry about eating out all the time, and we cooked together a few times, which was fun and also a total learning experience. 
(We both have our own ways of doing things.)
It was just a really lovely place overall.
Our villa stay came to an end (sadly) on Friday and we've been staying in a hotel since, and we'll be leaving Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Over the course of the stay, Vegas has started to grow on me.
Josh has always loved it, and in fact, if we hadn't gotten together he was actually planning on moving here last summer. 
There are things that I do dislike about it, and always would:
-It's a party town...
-There are icky ads everywhere...
-"Wooo girls"...
But there are things that I also really like about it:
-Two Urban Outfitters...
-Giant Forever 21...
-Crepe places...(I like crepes, okay?)
-The fact that Josh loves it here...

And something really exciting happened yesterday!
Well, exciting for me...
Probably none of you will know who he is, but yesterday I saw my biggest crush.
T O M  D W A N.
probably my highlight of Vegas, thus far. 

(he's a poker player.)

With ol' Tom here, maybe I'll just love Vegas after all...
just kidding.
: )

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