Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Jitters.

I remember way back when Josh proposed, and I was oh-so-excited to share this and that about the wedding. And then...I never did.
In fact, I'm pretty sure the last real wedding post I did was about wedding cakes.
I've never gone into details or feelings.

Well, the time has come:

I'll be honest with you; Josh and I can't really fathom the fact that we're getting married.
It honestly doesn't seem...real.
 "Oh, next Saturday? 9 days from now? I'm busy. No big deal, just getting married!"
Josh and I have talked about this a lot.
It's not even a negative thing. I guess it just hasn't really hit either of us yet.
Did any of you ever deal with this? Or are you currently experiencing feelings like these?

WARNING: This next part comes with a serious rant.

So many things with this wedding seem to just be going wrong.
Maybe I'm just experiencing normal, bride-like feelings.
I always knew that things like this were to be expected, but some of this is just like...pull your hair/bawl your eyes out/scream at the top of your lungs* aggravating.
You're probably like, "Wow, Lydia. Way to be dramatic."
And maybe I am, but I honestly don't even mean to be that way.

It's just difficult when your photographer pulls out 2 weeks before the wedding.
It's hard when you have basically no decor for the wedding, but even more than it being hard, it is stupid because you have been such a procrastinator. 
(Speaking of, note to self, you still have a couple of invitations to hand out.)
It's stressful to think about how you chose to do the flowers yourself instead of going to the florist because you thought you'd save some money and add a sweet, personal touch.
(AND HELLO. What if you can't find flowers that day?)
And it totally sucks when your groom (love you!) and groomsmen are not even close to being prepared and just want to complain about clothes and costs.
And then it's embarrassing when you go to help a groomsmen (God love ya, Boyd.) pick out some clothes, and you all of a sudden, out of nowhere, break out in tears in the menswear section of the JCPenney department store.

But, despite all of that...

You know what's wonderful?

It's wonderful having friends who will step in last minute and help with photography.
It's great that I have 8 days of completely free time and I can/will put some serious work into the decor and style of this wedding.
It's so nice that there will always be flowers. Even if they did happen to end up being fake. 
It's the best when you have a fiancee who totally defends you and promises you that it will work, even if he has to take care of things himself.
It's so happy and sweet that I have people in my life who truly care, and who will always be there, and who want to help me. 
It's such a blessing.

Oh, and you know what's so cute?

My adorable wedding cake topper done by Sarah from TogetherForever on Etsy.
I'm completely in love with it.
And even though it's something as simple (yet totally amazing!) as a cake topper...
It reminds me about what is truly important about this day:

Josh and Me.
Me and Josh.
J + L


  1. you've got one of the cutest wedding cake toppers i've seen! when chris and i got married i didn't know anything about weddings and i prety much let other people pick stuff out, so a lot of it was ugly. i wish i could have a do-over!

    weddings are extremely stressful, so you have the right to scream and cry! we only had 18 days to plan ours, buy the dress, etc. which was bad enough, but my stepmom who is seriously mental acted like a giant (excuse my language) bitch the entire time and caused so many big scenes. that pretty much ruined everything for me. as long as you don't have someone like her to deal with, you should be fine! and i'm sure once it's over you'll be so happy you won't even think about all the work leading up to it!

  2. adorable. love the caketopper to pieces.

    i'm sorry things have been frustrating, but i think it's great that your finding the good things amongst the bad, and that people who love you are stepping up and helping you out.

  3. Aw, sweets! Weddings are totally stressful! And I would TOTALLY rant if the photographer pulled out 2 weeks before, that is just ridiculous! It's so sweet that you have friends who are helping you out!

    I don't feel like I ever got to the Bridezilla stage, but I definitely know I teetered on the edge! And a lot of things that I freaked out about and planned out that may not have happened are totally forgotten now!

    You have an amazing mindset--it is about celebrating you and Josh and the love you two share! And all the friends and family that show up to support you will make everything that much more special!

    I hope you have such an amazing day and that things go better over the next 8 days!! Soooooo excited for you, dear!

  4. Lydiaaa - that wedding cake topper is ADORABLE! I loveee it! the wedding situation sounds stressful, but it also sounds like you've got some great people supporting you! i am sooo excited for you and i hope that you get everything done in these next eight days! you can do it! yes, and the wedding topper is what its really about (not really, but you know, what you said!) and i love it! i hope you enjoy your last 5 days being single, but that you enjoy being married more (derrr). i can't wait to hear about it..but for now, just worry about your wedding! good luck!! lovess

    oh, and your mom just bought 26 chickens? crazy!! and haha, thanks for the tip about the trampy name for bambi. i would've never thought of that. and i am afraid of that, haha. my friend came to the perfect one of your hens bambi! oh, yes and i'll buy two of they will be friends. oh, so exciting! or maybe if i get a bunny, i will name it bambi....


  5. omg 9 days!!! so exciting and your topper is so so so cute! i love it!

  6. oh my heavens, how exciting!!!!!!! CONGRATS, a little early! ;) yeah sprinkles cupcakes are the best!! right up there with magnolia cupcakes!! good luck this weekend!!!!!

  7. The cake topper looks adorable! I'm loving their outfits. Have a great day!

  8. I had lots of wedding drama too - sadly, mine consisted of a best man than hated me (and that we later asked to step down, which was so sad for my hubby), 2 bridesmaids stepping down (one for a good reason, one for a not so good reason), my mom and me being involved in a car accident the day before the wedding AND my hubby's grandma deciding the day of the wedding to not do a reading because she was mad that hubby's stepmom was at the wedding. Yikes.

    I learned though that in the end all that mattered was that we got married and shared our love with our favorite people. Every other good thing that happened that day was just gravy.

    I'm sure even with all the drama you felt the same way =-)


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