Friday, May 28, 2010

Packing Up.

Last night Josh and I began packing my things to prepare to leave. 
I really hate packing, especially packing to move.
Only once have I moved and actually remembered it and had to deal with it.
When I was 13 my family moved into the house we live in now.
So I've left homes, but I've never left my family before.
That's a bit of an odd feeling for me.
Chloe doesn't really understand that she won't see us much anymore.
Scott didn't realize until a few days ago, and he's pretty sad about it.
It's a little nerve wracking and sad.

But at the same time it's very exciting, because Josh and I are leaving to start our own family.
It'll be such a transition going from living in a family of eight, to that of two.

Once again, our living plans are up in the air.
That's probably crazy to some of you.
I don't mind it at all, though.
It's sort of exciting, knowing that there's so many choices and adventures ahead of us.

(images via weheartit.)


  1. Oh good luck! That is actually what I am doing right now too... well what I should be doing right now... I keep getting distracted by blogs! We are moving tomorrow. Packing is frustrating & stressful but I can't wait to be all moved into my new place and decorate! :)

  2. I wish you the best of luck! You have so many exciting adventures coming up!


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