Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new addition to the family: SWARLEY!

Yesterday started out like pretty much any other day for the boy and I.
We hung out like usual until I had to go to work at 2.
I was actually supposed to work from 2-7, but my friend Cyndi told me that work time wasn't actually scheduled; Angela had just written me in to work that day so I didn't lose any hours.
(there had been a scheduling error.)
Since I'm kind of a lazy daisy, I jokingly said, "Sooo, can I leave at 6?"
A little while later, Jess told me I really could leave then if I wanted to.

So, Josh and I had plans to hang out with Boyd and Leah around 6:30 and go to dinner.
Josh and Boyd picked me up from work and we drove to Steak 'n' Shake.
Josh asked, "Do you want to go ahead and go in and just wait for her?"
Boyd was like, "Wait, let me finish this first!" He was eating a sandwich.
We sat there a second and Josh goes, "Ooh! Let's go to Petsway and see Malibu."
(He's been obsessed with this rather large parrot they have.)

Josh went in ahead of me and Boyd, because Boyd wanted to practice his speed reading on a page of my book, "Little Bee."

When we got into the store Josh ran up and was like, "You have to come see this cute puppy! It's so little I didn't even notice it at first!"
So we went back there and the puppy was pretty cute. Well, actually, I'll be honest:
She wasn't anything that great. Just saying!
Then, in the window beside me, I saw a little head perk up from behind a plastic bowl thing.
Immediately I was thinking, "Oh my lanta. Dachshund."
I freaked out and was like, "JOSH. LOOK."
Her window said: on hold.
but he went to the front of the store and asked about her.
It turned out that she had been brought in earlier in the day.
She was a rescue puppy.
One of the workers put her on hold because they didn't want just any ol' person taking her.
BUT, they gave her to me and Josh, just like that, for free!

This is such a happy blessing for me and Josh.
We were going to spend about $500 on something just like her.
She's not full blooded dachshund, but you can barely even tell.
Instead of buying one, we got to rescue a little puppy in need and she's brought soo much joy to us already.
We couldn't be happier.
She's seriously the greatest thing!
Super tiny and precious.
(She has really googly eyes, haha. Which makes me think she's part chihuahua.)
We named her Swarley.
(How I Met Your Mother reference.)
We're in love!


  1. oh my goodness!! how cute! my mouth dropped when I saw that first picture of her! How lucky of you to get her for free and lucky for her to find a loving home so quickly!! So precious!!

  2. oh. sweet. puppy. Seriously!! How cute! I can't wait to see tons and tons of pics of this pup and you guys!

  3. oh hello new puppy. would you like to come live with me. awwhhh. so adorable. I loove new puppiesssss.

  4. oh goodness, what a sweetheart! i'm glad that you guys got to get her ( for free!!!) and give her a good home. she'll be loved to death for sure :).

  5. Wait, what??? That is incredible! She is adorable!!! I cannot wait to see more pics soon! Congrats!

  6. How crazy. A free dog, just for asking! Adorable :)

  7. AWW. that puppy is just ADORABLE (L)

    Joelle xox

  8. oh i remember when my little Zeyk was that tiny. So cute. I love the engagement shot with the heart in the background. Cheesiness is so natural when you're crazy about someone :)

  9. thanks, girls!
    and thank you, kelly. :)

  10. oh my!! Swarley is sooo adorable!! Congratulations on the new addition!!! xo

  11. ugh soooooooo cute cant even stand it.

  12. aw! that is the cutest puppy!!!! melts my heart!

  13. So cute! (And I'm not really a dog person, so that means a lot!) He's adorable really.

    And Swarley. Lol. Gotta love that show!


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