Friday, March 19, 2010

forced to blog + wedding dresses.

last night after josh and i got home from hanging out with friends, we were sitting on my bed just talking a little bit and playing with the love of our lives, swarley.
at some point, josh was like, "lydia, did you blog today?"
"um, no. i've been busy all day."
"well, tomorrow you need to. wedding dress shopping is a big deal."
okay, obviously it is.
but now my fiancee is making me blog?
what is this trash?

just kidding!
i'm really excited to tell you guys about my wedding dress adventures.

yesterday my mom, leah, and i set out in the morning for one of our local dress shops.
they had lots of pretty stuff!
there was one that i really loved on me, and my mom and leah loved it, too.
they even made me walk out and stand on that awkward "look at me" stage in the middle of the room.
but i have to admit...i did feel really pretty in it. :)
it's hard to explain how it looked, but i'll try!
it's white, simple, sweetheart neckline, has a huge train, and is rumply all over.
rumply is a bad word.
but perhaps you know what i mean.
my point is: it was beautiful!

we decided i should probably still look around a little, though.
we went to the other shop in town and they had like, two dresses.
one of them being made to look like a sweater.
it was really hard not to just take that one and go...

we decided to drive all the way to farmington, where my grandparents live, and hour and a half away.
they have a big wedding place there, so we figured it'd be a nice try.
we were in town for a total of 30 minutes.
and it was really awkward at the dress place, because all they had was beaded, floofy stuff, which i hate.
and i pretty much had to try this dress on just to get this lady off my back.
it was ugly.
and a size too small.

so we rushed back to town and ordered the dress that i really loved. :)
i'm so happy and excited about it!
i can't wait til the wedding so i can show you all the pictures of it.
and i'm so happy that it basically only took me an hour to find my dress.
and i know it's the one, i promise!

tell me about your wedding dress! :)
or your dream wedding dress.
oooor show me a picture, please!


  1. awww! i am so excited to see it!! that is so funny that josh told you that you had to blog about it! what a sweetheart ;) i love that he knows how important of an event that it is! so sweet! my wedding dress? well it was one of the first that i tried on.. and i just sort of new..i kept going back between 2 others.. i tried them all on a few times, but ended up choosing the first one! you can see a bunch of pictures here!

    anyway, i am so happy and excited for you!!

  2. That is so great you had a good time finding your dress. I'll be honest. Finding mine was a nightmare. I went to David's Bridal and the consultant was so rude. I kept telling her what I wanted and she kept telling me that David's Bridal didn't carry the one I liked. I told her I had seen it on the website and she told me that they don't have anything to do with the website. However the girls on both side of me trying on dresses had the exact dress I wanted! Then she asked when my wedding was. I told her it was a month away. She stopped and cussed and told me there is no way I could get a dress that fast. Even if I did I wouldn't get it altered in time. She also told me my bridesmaides wouldn't find a dress and they needed to come in asap. I informed her that all of them have their dresses already and I wasn't getting them from DB. She rolled her eyes. So when she left the dressing room helping me get on the dress I was trying on, she told me to step out and show her, but instead I took it off and shoved it in the corner and got dressed and walked out and said "I don't need anything from here" and we walked out. I was so heated I started crying! I went home and ordered the dress from the DB website and it came in a week later and it fit perfectly.

    haha sorry for the long post. I'm glad you found yours easily! I'm sure it will look stunning on you!!

  3. YEAH! I cannot wait to hear more about the dress hunt! And I totally know what you mean about rumply:)

    I thought wedding dress shopping was super awkward! The dresses were so heavy and I hated having everyone look at me! I ended up with a strapless, a-line dress. It was ivory and the bodice was pretty busy with the beading, but it totally had a long, simple train. Sigh. I loved it:)

  4. Yay!!! That's super exciting!! Once I found the dress I felt like everything else was set in motion and I knew the rest of the tone of the wedding! I found my dress within the first 5 I tried on. My mom wanted me to keep looking, but I knew that was it, so we went ahead and got it! It was absolutely perfect!

    Actually, I had picked out all these dresses I thought I loved and when I put them on...well, they were just so blah. But the place we were at had these huge dressing rooms where they put like 8 girls at a time. Which I thought was weird at first, but then turned out to be awesome, because the dress I ended up getting was similar to one that another girl had tried on...and I probably never would have tried it on had I not seen someone else in something similar first!

    You can see pics here:

  5. chloe: your pictures are stunning. WHAT UP MODEL.

    carol anne: talk about a horror story! what a mean lady. :( i'm glad you got your dress in the end. :)

    meghan: i'm glad you got me about the rumply! :) and i totally know what you mean about the heaviness. i'm pretty sure my dress weighs like 10 lbs!

    stephanie: that's so weird, but neat, about your dressing room experience. i've never seen or heard of it being done like that before. your dress was absolutely gorgeous, btw!

    love you all to pieces!


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