Tuesday, March 16, 2010

engagment pictures and things!

On Sunday Josh and I ventured to Springfield, MO, a town about three hours away from us.
Also the town that we will be moving to in July!
One of my very best friends, Abby, lives there.
I recruited her to take our engagement pictures, and she was happy to do so.
She even offered doing so for us as her wedding gift!
Such a nice gesture, and I simply love her to pieces.

So Sunday morning, a little thrown off by the time change, Josh and I headed over there.
I hadn't seen Abby since June and I'd really been missing her. :)
(I'll talk more about Abby and our relationship when I do my belated "I Want to Celebrate" post.)
I was so excited to be reunited!
We drove downtown to start with for the pictures...and from there it didn't exactly go as planned.
First of all, the jacket I had wanted Josh to wear had a huge hole in it. AWESOME. haha.
Secondly, it was freezing out there and on top of that, raining!
We had a cute little umbrella idea, but Josh totally hated it, and taking pictures was torture enough for him. Poor guy.
So basically the outdoors pictures are a photoshoot of me acting completely ridiculous. :)
There is actually one of us that I like a lot.

We went to this coffee house, The Dancing Mule, and tried to take cute pictures there.
We got one.
And it is one that I actually really love. :)

From there we met up with Audre, one of Abby's closest friends, and a girl who, over the summer, became one of my friends, too. Love her.
We decided to make our own indoor photo studio.
Tools needed:
-white sheet
-clothes pins
-cut out hearts
-white tacks
-empty room in apartment, due to roommate leaving randomly/secretly
-lots of light

We took quite a few photos in there.
I liked a lot of them.
Probably a lot of my love for them had to do with the background we made.
It was super cute and reminded me so much of NYLON magazine for some reason.
It was so fun and I'm seriously considering putting something like this in our future house, just for fun! We tried to convince Audre to just leave the room like that. NO GO.

Regardless of things not going entirely as planned, we still got a few cute photos.
Which is all i wanted!
We're going back again when it's more consistently warm to do some outdoor shots.
Abby hasn't had time to put all of our pictures up yet, which is why this is so lacking in pictures.
I'll be posting them later tho!
In the mean time, I really like this one:

It's a little cheesy, but that's us. And it's pretty cute, too. :)

After pictures Josh left us ladies to some girl time.
Audre made dinner, because she's such a good cook, and that's just her thing.
We talked and visited for a couple of hours, and then it was goodbye time. :(
Hopefully this time it won't be so long in between seeing each other.
And I'm so excited to be moving there! I'll have plenty of time with them.
And I think it'll be a great place for me and Josh, starting out.

oh, p.s.
before josh and i left yesterday we went to Petland.
they had so many cute, adorable puppies.
the first thing i was drawn to was this husky baby.
and then josh said, "lyddiiia."
and he was pointing at the most incredible thing of my life:
she was so sweet.
i asked to play with her, and it was the most fun time.
She was so little and fat and wrinkly and wonderful.
I have never been more in love. (what, josh?)
she was super playful and cute.
too bad she was also $3600.
but honestly, if i'd had that money, i would have totally dropped it on this cutie.
seriously, this made my life! :)
(after we left, i realized i forgot a picture. so sad.)


  1. cute picture!
    we love english bulldogs too and plan on buying one when our dog passes... which wont be for awhile (hopefully). they are expensive and that sucks but oh my how cute are they!
    hope you get one eventually!
    can't wait to see more pics :-)

  2. thanks, kassi!
    they are so adorable, aren't they?!
    i figure i'll be saving for awhile.
    but we'll probably buy from a reputable breeder, not a pet store.
    it'd be less costly and probably a safer bet, in my opinion.

  3. Love it! Oh, and I was wondering if you would be willing to do a blog feature on my jewellery ? You can see it here: http://joelleabelle.bigcartel.com

    (I would have e-mailed you but you don't appear to have a e-mail address anywhere)

    If you would you can e-mail me at: joelle_poulos [at] hotmail.co.uk

    Joelle xox

  4. aww! i can't wait to see the rest!! i love the one that you posted though! and oh man i would sooo love to have a baby english bulldog!! too bad it is so expensive!!

  5. that picture of you is so sweet! can't wait to see the rest :).

    oh...and if you guys do get a puppy please please don't get one from a pet store. they end up with more health problems usually and they usually get them from irresponsible breeders who breed the dogs too often. there are a lot of rescue places where you can get specific breeds (like a cute little bullie :) ) or just get one from a responsible breeder. we told some of our friends about this when they were wanting a dog, but they ended up going the pet store route, and their dog had so many health problems and was agressive with other dogs so they had to get rid of him :(. ok...promise i'm done ranting. pet store pups just make me sad. i promise i won't judge if you do get one though...they are pretty darn irresistable :).

    have a lovely day!

  6. aw, that picture is super sweet!!! and the umbrella idea sounded really cute!
    I can't wait to see the rest!!

  7. you were in springfield, and you're moving to springfield?! oh my goodness. we're going to be neighbors.

    can't wait to see the rest of your cute engagement pictures!

  8. I love your picture! And blog!
    You can find an English bull dog for about 1500!
    Do you know why they are so expensive?
    they have to artificially inseminate the female, and after the puppies are born they have to take them away from the mom, because she will sit on them or not feed them because she is not connected with them, and the owners have to feed them every 2 hours for 6 weeks, crazy huh?

  9. Oh I love your photo! Will you post more??? You guys look so cute! I admire your creativity with the indoor studio!

  10. Oh my gosh I love it. Post some more pronto!

  11. thanks so much for all the love, ladies! :)
    you're simply the best.
    more pictures are coming asap.
    just waiting for the photographer to get them up and ready.
    i don't want to rush her or anything, but i'll post them real soon, promise! :)

  12. such a cute picture. my fiancé and i took our engagement pictures on monday. can't wait to see the rest of yours! :)

    {great blog.}


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