Sunday, March 7, 2010

i want to celebrate: Cady Groves!

About five months ago I was introduced to the musical sound of a super cute girl by the name of Cady Groves.
Now, back then, old me wrote her off as being "typical and cliche."
Looking back I can only see myself as being wrong and petty.
Oh, how wrong I was...

A few days ago Josh told me he'd been listening to Cady while he played poker and her new stuff was really great.
He even had one of her songs, "Phoenix," stuck in his head that whole evening.
I was basically like, "Uh-huh, sure."
I decided to give her another go and be open.
So, so glad that I did, or I'd be missing out on such fun, lovely music.

Back when I first heard Miss Groves music she sounded just as lovely as she does now.
So I realized a couple of nights ago that it wasn't her sound that had needed improving...
it was my attitude!
so petty and silly.
I'm so glad that i got a grip and got over myself.

Five months ago when we first gave her a listen she was still getting plenty of hits on her myspace music page.
but if my memory serves me correctly she hadn't played many shows yet, and one of the kids working at our venue asked her to come play. In the end, she didn't make it out.
She got a better offer, and who wouldn't take a wonderful opportunity?
She's now basically getting huge. :)
This spring/summer she's playing shows for SXSW and doing Six Flags tours.
She's also playing the Ford Ampitheatre and many other places.
So neat for her! :)

Her sound may not be for everyone, but I encourage you to at least give her a listen.
Her music is very fun and cute, just like her little freckle-faced self!
Personally, she's been all I've listened to these past few days.
In general, I think she'd be great for listening when you're in a super fun/perky mood.
Maybe even to add to your workout playlist!

Let me know if you give her a listen. :)


  1. okay she is quite possibly the cutest girl ever!
    besides you and me, of course :] haha.
    I want her hair!! so perfect.
    I will definitely check out her music. thanks for posting about her!!

  2. I checked out her song "One in the Same"... it was pretty cute! Not my usual kinda music, so I am surprised that I like it:)

  3. Our Ampitheater is that's pretty big for her!!

  4. I really liked the way you wrote your engagement story. Hi I'm Dorian and a new follower!

  5. miss indie- "besides you and me, of course." haha, um duhhhhh! :) i love her hair, too!

    emilie- "real with me" is probably my fave! glad you gave it a listen. :)

    kristin- i know! i think that's super exciting. i think she's playing with good charlotte. their sounds are very different, but that's pretty crazy to be playing with someone so huge!

    dorian- thank you so much! i'll def be checking out your blog asap. :)

  6. shes a cutie! ill take a listen soon....hows the wedding planning my dear?
    are you having a blast?
    enjoy this time!!~ it goes by too fast!

  7. i'll have to give this a listen. thanks for the suggestion girl.

    hope you're having a beautiful monday!

  8. thanks for the introduction! :)


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