Monday, March 8, 2010


Meet the new additions to the family!
There are 26 of them.
They are most basically the sweetest things ever.
They are pretty much nameless, currently.
There are a few different breeds, but a lot of each breed.
There is this one little lady that is one of a kind. She's an "exotic" chicken.
My mom decided to get them so she can have her own eggs and sell eggs.
(They're strictly for eggs!)
Such cute little babies. :)

This little red one is my particular fave!


  1. i've always wanted a baby chick.....always always. so precious!

  2. So sweet! I remember having them in grade school!

  3. Baby chicks were my childhood. My dad kept them in the barn loft and we would climb up the ladder one at a time to pet/suffocate them in our grubby little hands. I love it!

  4. Oh my gosh how absolutely sweet and precious!

  5. I really want baby chickens, yet J and I have dogs that are bred and used for bird hunting, so I think they would chase them. :( But I would loveee my own chickens. :)


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