Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am really behind.

I basically owe you all two "I Want to Celebrate" posts, but I'm giving myself a break and doing one.
And I'm also kind of realizing that it might be hard to do these posts sometimes without help from people.
Like, as in you sharing someone in your life, or telling me your own stories.
So I'll probably be coming to people for help as I continue to do this.
And I may also take the schedule off of myself.
I still want to do them, of course.
but having it be like, "every sunday i have to do this," almost makes it less enjoyable.
I sound like such a lazy daisy, but that's probably because...I AM.
just kidding.
but hopefully, you guys totally get where i'm coming from!
i'm sure you will, because you're all such big ol' sweeties.

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  1. Sometimes taking a break can be a very good thing!


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