Thursday, March 25, 2010

today is my birthday.

today i am 20 years old; practically archaic.
i'm not really celebrating, or anything, not today.
it has been a good day, though!

i got off work at midnight last night.
and when i was leaving i had forgotten that it was technically my birthday.
josh picked me up from work, and as i walked to the car, i just kept thinking:
"why the heck is his head all glowy and orange?"
when i got to the car he had a miniature little cake with 20 candles on it.
and he sang me "Happy Birthday."
he also got me Chelsea Handler's new book, "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang."
Very sweet.

we went to lunch with boyd and trey.
after that josh, boyd, and i went to the pet store, so josh could see Malibua, the big macaw.
josh and boyd finally befriended him and got to where he allows them to touch him.
josh had a mint and told me to touch it so the taste got on my finger.
malibu licked it off!
it was such a weird, neat feeling.
he was so funny. he kept saying "pretty bird."
but he was also being really creepy sometimes...making weird sounds.

i looked in the cage with three little canaries in it and they all three had eggs!
it was really neat.
the guy working said the gestation was about six weeks.
im excited for when those little babies arrive.

i also held a couple of mice.

now i'm just sitting here with the boys at boyd's office.
boyd is teaching a class online.
josh is doing nothing.
i'm really tired and about to watch "Fargo."

so that is my birthday so far.
more festivities this weekend!


  1. happy birthday!! you are just a young grasshopper!

  2. happy happy birthday! gosh, i'm a decade older than you - you little youngin!

  3. happy birthday lydia!! hope it's a great one! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! What a sweet surprise from your man - and the new Chelsea book is hilarious, btw! Hope the rest of the celebrating is great!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I lllooovvveee Chelsea Handler, I read a couple pages in Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang at a bookstore and it was hilarious, I need to buy it!

  6. Happy Birthday, Lady!!! A lot of time spent with sweet little animals and your boy is the perfect way to spend a birthday! I hope you have lots and lots of fun this weekend!

  7. oh im sorry..HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl!!!!
    im glad you have someone to share it with!

  8. thanks so much for the birthday wishes, ladies! :)

  9. happy belated birthday love! ugh! i suck at blog reading lately. so sad i missed the actual day. sounds like you had a lovely time with the fiance and with your guys friends :).


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