Monday, March 22, 2010

baking adventures #1.

A few days ago I up and decided that I really wanted to get into baking.
I saw this article in a Betty Crocker magazine about how a girl's sister made DIY cupcakes for her wedding.
I was like, "Um, yes please!"
So that was actually what spawned my new interest in baking.
Although, that probably won't actually end up happening for me.
Regardless--I'm officially in love with baking and I simply can't get enough.
I'm so excited to learn new recipes and techniques (maybe eventually invent my own!) and create beautiful, yummy things.


On the first night I bought plain BC white, moist cake mix and BC fluffy white icing.
(the icing is the best store bought stuff i've ever tried.)
I decided to throw coconut into the cake mix for a little added flavor.
I put the icing into a ziploc bag and cut a whole at the end to squeeze it out onto the cupcakes in a circular motion. they looked really cute!
(i forgot to take a picture!)
But my family was super impressed and i was so excited because i couldn't believe i did so good on my first try at these.


On day two I used fluffy white icing, white cake mix mixed with the previous nights coconut, blue food coloring, and blueberry jam.
So, blueberry cocunt it was! It was actually a complete accident. I had forgotten about the coconut.
This time I dyed the icing a very light shade of blue and iced the cupcakes the same way.
Oh, before icing them, I used a melon baller to take the center tops off and add blueberry jam to them as a filling, replaced the top, then iced!
These little guys were SUPER rich.
But on this night my dad was so impressed he said that i really should make my own wedding cake.


Day three, I used strawberry cake mix, fluffy white icing (obsessed), and strawberries.
Simply bake the mix, ice them in the same style, and add a slice of strawberry to the top.
These ones were my favorite!


I know it's not TOO exceptional since I'm doing nothing from scratch, but I'm still learning.
I'm basically just trying to learn new techniques and styles right now.
All in all, it's really fun, and you guys should try all of these! :)
Let me know if you do.


  1. baking is sooo much fun!!! you can never go wrong with cupcakes :)

  2. Those look yummy. Good for you :) xoxo

  3. I just read in Better Homes and Garden about adding jam to icing for cakes and cupcakes but cutting the tops off and spreading it on sounds just as good!! I think I am going to try both out this week!!

  4. YUM! I just had a delish red velvet cupcake! They always make me so happy:)

  5. I always try to make things like this from mixes and they never turn out right! I am cursed or something =P Your strawberry cupcakes look so pretty! And I would looove to try a coconut cupcake... coconuts are my favorite!

  6. The blueberry coconut ones sound really good! I'm definitely going to have to try a version of those!

  7. Those strawberry ones look super good!


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