Friday, February 26, 2010

update on eyeless bunny.

i feel that it's very important to supply an update on eyeless bunny.
last night, me and josh went to eat with leah and boyd.
afterwards, we decided to go to the pet store again.
we went to the back to see the bunnies and at first i thought they were all gone.
but, no.
eyeless was the last little guy remaining.
all by his lonesome. :(

he was sitting in the back, and i could barely see the empty hole, but i thought that it looked a little different.
i decided to ask to hold him and the guy brought him out and before handing him to me explained that they weren't exactly sure what happened, but they had called a vet to come check him out and he had either been poked in the eye or had a cold.
so his eye COMPLETELY closed up.
but they were told to wash it with saltwater a couple of times a day and it would heal soon.
so his eye was just baaarely opening, but he's totally making it.
and i held him and loved him. and he's super sweet.
i know he'll totally get purchased as soon as he's healed!
a little girl even came and wanted to pet him while i held him.
little cutie.

and even though he started pooping on me when i held him....
i still have tons of love for the little guy.


--kindergarten babies.
--big, big news!
--fill in the blank friday.



  1. Bunnies do poop a lot, but they are super soft to hold.

  2. aw, poor guy being the last one!

    at least he got to be cuddled!


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