Saturday, February 27, 2010

kindergarten babies.

thursday was my first day of observing the kindergarten classroom.
i have two more days left: next tuesday and thursday.
i'm really excited for those days.
i was only there for three hours on thursday, but i've already made 20 new BFFs.
they completely won my heart, and from what they had to say about me...i'm pretty sure it's mutual.

as soon as i walked in all eyes were on me.
little smiles and waves were sent my way. such the perfect way to start the day. :)

there is so much i could say about this day!
but, i'll just share my favorite little pieces of cute.

1. i sat down at a table with two little girls while they finished up a worksheet.
S said, "Miss Lydia, you are so nice. I just can't believe how nice you are."
A said, "I want it to be kindergarten forever."
S, "Me too. Miss Lydia will you please come with us to first grade?"

2. T walks up to me and taps me on the shoulder.
"Miss Lydia, you are so polite."

3. JP wants to hang around me 24/7 and talk to me constantly.
he is completely darling.

4. in PE class, D just couldn't get the hang of the jump rope.
they've apparently been working on it for awhile, and he can't get it over his head but once.
i told him i know he can do it.
he says, "miss lydia, i just have to keep trying, and i can do it. right, miss lydia?"
:) right, D.
he kept at it.
he made it to three jumps.
seeing a "breakthrough" is possibly one of my most favorite things.

5. J calls me over to her table and i lean down.
she pulls out a michael jackson lanyard.
"do you like this miss lydia?"
"is that MJ?"
"yes, he is my favorite!"
"i love that! so cool."
the rest of the day she wants to show me all of her things and see if i think they are cool.

6. the million hugs and sweet things said to me all morning.
i can't get enough of them.
and i seriously just love them to pieces!


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