Wednesday, February 24, 2010

little baby bunnies.

who doesn't love a cute, sweet little bunny rabbit?
(maybe somebody. but they're no friend of mine! totally kidding. to each his own.)
but i think they're totally precious and adorable.
i even had one of my own, once upon a time.
his name was davey, and he died the next day.
(not so awesome.)
he was just a little guy, as you can see...:(

but he was such a sweetheart! and ive wanted another one for a long time.
i don't know if that'll actually end up happening any time soon, but i still like to look!

i love going to pet stores. and sometimes josh and i will go just because.
this is what we did yesterday!
after we had a lunch date, i said, "can we go to the pet store?!"
and of course he said yes.
because baby gets what baby wants, duh.
(just kidding.)
so we got each got a junior shake to go (they were disgusting!) and headed next door to the pet store.

we looked at the birds for awhile.
and we talked to this big huge macaw for a long time.
it said hello! well, josh said that it said it. but when i came over to it.
it only made this weird sound that soooort of sounded like it could be hello.
obviously josh was experiencing some wishful thinking...
they also have this animal called a kinkajou. but it's nocturnal, therefore always sleeping when we go.

NOW. to the main event of this story:

on the back wall of the pet store, they have a few glass windows that had some bunnies in them.
they had two big fatties.
and then about 6 of these sweet little lions head guys.
we were pretty much oooohing and ahhhhing over them and their general cuteness.
when all of a sudden, i noticed something TRAGIC.
the little white guy smooshed up next to the window DIDN'T HAVE AN EYEBALL.
he was missing an EYE.
and he had his bad side pushed out right for the world to see! poor little guy.
we told one of the workers, just in case they didn't know or something.
and he was just like, "ahh whadda ya know? no big deal. i have a rabbit with NO EYES."
i felt so bad for this little guy. and a part of me really wanted him, because i was afraid no one else would ever get him.
but i knew i would always be staring into that hole. :(
and i didn't exactly have 30 extra dollars just lying around, either.
even though the eye thing freaked me out, i still love that little bunny. and all bunnies!
and i hope he gets adopted and gets some serious bunny love.



  1. this made me laugh.

    i'm totally the person always trying to convince craig to get the gimpy animals. i always feel bad for the special needs animals.

    oh...and i'm SO SO SO excited for you and your news! i won't blab here, cause i assume you want to blog it. yay!

  2. i'll be telling about it soon!
    can't wait. :)

  3. they are so so cute!

    my friend recently had a pet bunny die...saddest thing ever. the funeral was so sweet.

  4. Holy cuteness!

    poor eyeless bunny.

  5. and that is why you should never buy from a pet store. they don't care about their animals.


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