Saturday, February 20, 2010

friday fun:

i decided to do a real quick post, and then it's off to work!
i have to tell you guys the ridiculous thing that happened to me the other night.
basically, a woman saw me using my phone, and called to complain.
now, if that's all she was complaining about...sure, i understand, because i'm breaking the rules.
but, NO.
she complained and said that she suspects i'm "stealing peoples' identities."
sooo stupid. i just had to share! haha.

even though josh and i aren't "official" yet, i've had to start planning a lot.
because obviously i know it's coming, and the wedding is literally just around the corner.
(i know the way we're doing this is super backwards. haha.)
my mom and i have kind of butted heads through the whole process.
for me it seems like she's trying to control it all.
and for her it's like i'm not letting her help at all.
did any of you have a problem like this?
how'd you solve it!
i know my mom is just trying to be nice and wants to give me whatever i want. of course!
and we pretty much had it out over the matter yesterday, and settled things.
it began as a fight, but in the end things were fixed, and we got a lot done!
which i'm very excited about. :)

josh and i hung out with our friend boyd (matt) a lot yesterday.
we met him for an early dinner type of thing at steak n shake, did our usual hang out there for like, three hours thing.
matt and i talked a lot about him teaching me photoshop and html, css.
then we decided we should go ahead and have our first lesson.
so we headed over to matt's office and he taught some basics on photoshop.
after he got done, i made this little beluga whale design, with very little assistance from him.
and he said it was really great for being my first work, way better than his was. haha.
so i think i show definite potential in design.
it's something i definitely want to learn and work with. :)

after all that, we decided to go to huddle house.
(HH and SNS are the two spots we all frequent. the waitresses there practically know us by name.)
while we were there we talked mostly about building a self-sustaining community.
(josh and matt had just finished watching part of zeitgeist.)
this would actually be something incredible and amazing, i think.
but i really think that when it comes down to it, i could only do it if i felt i really NEEDED to.
like, i couldn't just pick up right now, and be like, "see ya, mom! going to live in the woods and eat berries!"
i'm not that brave.
but we basically decided we would have a "The Village" type of community.
even though boyd's never seen it. (who hasn't seen the village?!)
oh, and while we were there, boyd had a spider on him.
it was so funny.


oh, P.S. josh and i are considering buying a house.
details later!


  1. A house! Exciting. If I had to plan a wedding with my mom, I'd elope for sure. You're brave for attempting it, but I'm sure it'll be rewarding in the end to have involved her like you did.

  2. Aw sounds like a fun weekend for sure! :) I like Steak n Shake. Ha..

    Xoxo- Emily


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