Tuesday, February 16, 2010


for whatever reason, i have not been wanting to blog these past few days.
i haven't really had a lot to say and so i decided i wasn't going to waste my time (or yours) by just blabbaling on and on.
but now, i'm ready to share again.

let's talk about valentine's day.
mine was great and wonderful and i hope yours was, too.
i have always loved valentine's day, even when i've been without a significant other.
i actually don't get the people that are so anti-valentine.
you don't have to have a lover to celebrate love! it's all around. :)
here's how josh and i chose to celebrate:

Saturday afternoon I went to work to get my schedule for the next week.
and just as i suspected, i had to work on v-day. the entire night.
(clearly my relationship status isn't very important to kroger. thanks, guys.)
but, life goes on! and i decided to surprise josh and do my part that evening.
he was gone all day playing poker, so i had plenty of time to put things together!
i took a note from brandi and jacob with the dinner they put together for kelly and her man.
the paper heart trail, little paper bag heart cutout lanterns.
it was really cute looking! mine was on a MUCH smaller scale, but it still looked really sweet.
i even made pompoms out of pink/red/white multicolored yarn for the trail, too. my own personal touch! ha.
i strung lights above my bed and put sheets and curtains through the ceiling around my bed (i have a tiled ceiling.) to make a fort/canopy type of thing.
and he had bought me a rose the other day, but it was on it's deathbed, so instead of just tossing it, i took the liberty of ripping it apart and sprinkling rose petals across the bed. how innovative. ha.
i made him dinner on these cute little heart plates i bought. ("i love you!" and "hug me!")
and i got him this book he's been wanting but would never buy for himself. :)
he was so, so surprised and he really liked it, too. yayyyyy!
(my little sister chloe is also a really big fan. she kept exclaiming how "beautiful" and "wonderful" it all was.)
i gave her a tea light.

josh said he was going to do something for me when i got off work on sunday night.
i couldn't wait to find out what it was, and when i got off and was walking to my car, it was right before my eyes.
and it was the funniest, cutest thing.
he put pink sticky notes all over the drivers side of my car with little things written on them that are inside jokes to us or things that we love. and actually some things that just HE loves, which i'm not really sure where he was going with that...
for instance: "pzone! pizza! one tree!"
thanks for sharing....
seriously, i loved it! it was the very sweetest thing.
and he also made cutouts of whales and sunflowers and a big giant heart on my windshield.
he got me the office season five and the book "youth in revolt."
my best valentine's day, by far!

that is all i will share for now, just because this post is practically a novel.
sorry 'bout it!

oh, btw.
i need to clarify something!
in my last post, i said something like "i can't wait to share wedding details. i'm so excited to be engaged."
i definitely should've been more clear.
i meant that i'm excited for when that happens.
sorry for the confusion!
but it actually is happening probably later this week.
i know a lot of people think it's weird that i already know. but a lot of this is actually my fault because i'm a snoop.
and i really do want to be surprised, buuuuut i'm so excited and can't wait and we've basically been verbally engaged forever now. so i'm just ready for things to be OFFICIAL.

looove you all.


  1. yay for getting engaged! .....whenever that does happen :).

    oh....and your valentine's day sounds absolutely lovely!

  2. Your Valentine's Day sounds sweet! I loved the sticky note idea, and I'm surprised my husband has never done that...his office is basically yellow because of all the notes stuck to every surface!

    I worked at Kroger while I was in high school, and they don't care about you AT ALL! I would ask off a month in advance, and then on the day I was supposed to be off, they'd call and act like I just didn't show up for work! The nerve!

  3. lauren- thank you! haha. i hope yours was lovely too. :)

    danielle- wow. haha, sounds just like kroger! they're a very big pain in my life, but it's basically pointless for me to find a new job at this point in time. bah, so sad. :(
    i hope your val day was great, too! :)

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I agree; I don't get why people hate the holiday so much! I adore it!

  5. awwwww, how adorable! i'm glad you had a good valentine's holiday even though you had to work!

  6. ooh ooops ok i thought you got engaged all of a sudden! then i looked fr the engagement post. hahaha
    i love that you did heart trail! yay! and im so proud of your man for the super cute creative ways to show you he loves you! inside jokes! whales! pink stickies!
    im so happy for you cutie!
    you scored on the gifts too!

  7. You're post has changed my cynical view towards Valentines day you know. Shame I didn't get to read something like this on the 13th February instead! Hah. Sounds like you had a perfect day :)


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